Santa, Sale or Return…*

Christmas is finished┬╣ Unofficially, at least… (With the gentlest nudge towards order and peace) Though, technically, this is only Day Three, Which may still explain the decorated tree, The cards displayed around the house. And the newly begun game of cat-and-mouse In terms of the need to thank the givers For all that Santa himself […]

Boxing Day*

‘Boxing Day’… A confrontational moniker, some might say. The tone of physical confrontation Unlikely to inure the situation: The pull of the sales, an ugly business As adults fight for bargains while children witness All that Santa’s clearly failed to deliver… The scrums would make any rugby player quiver! The pushing and pulling and leaning […]

Christmas Kerfuffle*

Here we are on Christmas Eve, As parents and carers prepare to deceive Their little ones, sleepless with excitement, Awaiting the singular fairy-tale indictment Of Santa Claus upon his sleigh Riding the skies before Christmas Day… Reindeer ready and sacks piled high As he and his team head for the sky! It’s a wonder he […]

Show-Stoppin’ Shoppin’…

Does Christmas feel better in a seasonal sweater…? I’m curious to know- I’ve never tried To up the anti in a woolly made fancy With tinsel and holly and bells on the side. Although right at this point, maybe that’s what I need As I feel my own enthusiasm recede, The pressure of Christmas celebration […]

Seasons Entreatings*

The greatest gift of all is Love, So folklore, faith┬á and life profess. The challenge, much less spoken of, Is just how to address The necessary sacrifices, Risks, tears, occasional crises, Long since rooted in family ways: The what-we-do and what-we-says. Things embedded from infancy Grown so long, we cannot see That others may not […]


Christmas is coming -Just in case you cannot tell… Festive enthusiasm Intoning Merry Hell(!) Young folk excited, Elders, overwrought And wondering wearily When Sanctuary might be sought… Stores in overcrowding Customers out-louding, Losing common decency With ramping volume and frequency; Worrying that inexpensive gifts Might signify lack of thought While struggling for solutions And feeling […]

Olde Habits*

Old(e) habits die hard… Folk are still sending greetings cards!* A headline intoning mild disbelief Older folk breathing a collective Good GRIEF!!! -Is nothing immune from electronic ‘advance’ To eradicate all human song-and-dance? To strip away the personal edge The single endeavour of those raking a wedge Through sales of electronic devices Irrespective of those […]