Fathers’ Day*

My dad was a remarkable man who lived below the radar, Keen not to court attention lest people thought him bizarre, Judging, as is folks’s wont, his countenance and not his grace: The colour of his skin, not the man behind the face. He told us stories when we asked about the life he’d led […]

Marathon Madness*

I couldn’t run for a bus! -Though I appreciate the fuss Attended to the marathon That comes annually to Brighton.¹ For a start, there’s the clearing of 26 miles, An exercise by nature bound to rile As tourists and locals And travelled-in folk’ll Flock like seagulls To witness the spectacle, Few of them thinking to […]

Love Me/ Love Me Not*

Saint Valentine, a complex soul, Would seem to have so many roles While he, declining recognition, Went about his private mission Loving couples to protect And forging something of a sect… He wedded pairs successfully In the face of great hostility Pledging love til death to part So saving many broken hearts. Between these matches, […]

Partner Ship*

Mental health remains taboo. Perhaps to make it not seems true That any individual Should feel so residual; Pressures building drip by drop Until we feel we’re going to pop Just like a balloon on a candle flame Cooled and reheated over again. A chain of events with no clear source Leaving a residue of […]

Treldetch 2016*

It’s the Gentlemen’s Long Golf Weekender.* -Is it only a year since the last?? It’s amazing how history repeats itself And some things will not be surpassed. Though subtle changes have occurred, Attending to practical details Instead of the usual absurd, The days of drinking and wild excess Set these days to sorely depress, Sticking […]

Sport For All

Gold for Great Britain?! Olympics, I was smitten! Who’d ever’ve thought With no interest in sport That someone like me Would sit, wait -and see Such feats of excellence and endeavour Performed with elegance under pressure By folks from my homeland -Can you try to understand? I watched gymnastics as a kid, Static in awe […]

Olympic Endeavour

Watching the Olympics was never my intention With household chores beseeching attention, My firmly asserted lack of interest in sport Undermined by a curious sense of import, This once-in-four-years multinational occasion Weaving its spell in my imagination With feats of grace as much as endeavour, All of it big and all of it clever! Remembering […]