Revelry Revenge*

So… I got up too early The well-worn routine Too much of a habit For this weary machine. And right from the off, It’s been a disaster Starting with a car That wouldn’t go faster. Wouldn’t, in fact, go anywhere at all, Resulting in a telephone call To a local taxi company Hailing their their […]

School’s Out*

To those of you in Education, I bid you a singularly restful vacation, Albeit rather compact in size, -So best leave no room for compromise…(!) ‘Tis well-deserved by all accounts, This week seeing exhaustion mount As students find new energy To counterbalance staff lethargy, With only hours left to go Until it’s time to close […]

Organ Recital*

A ‘presumed consent’ debate situation Has arisen regarding human organ donation:* Whether every owner, once expired, Should surrender their organs as required, The simple idea that these are now there To benefit other folks’ medical care: Presumed consent the new intent, A peculiar and vexing sentiment… Well met, I’m sure, by family and friends Whose […]

Tomorrow could be the first day of the rest of your life…*

Inch worm, inch worm, Inch towards the end of term… Sticking to that single way That signposts a holiday Squeezing in and out Of tension-filled encounters, (Colleagues that you trust Alongside the Doubters). Resources, rubbish, piled so They signify the time to go, Banquet in the staff room To pacify that sense of doom; Students […]

Seventh Day Sloth

Sunday. The final weekend fun-day. The Warrior Protector from inevitable Mondays. Unless of course, you’re working shifts And have occasional cause to miss This bookending benefit of weekly employment Gifting a space for self-entertainment. Limitless prospects presenting the case For how best to occupy time and space Invoking infinite possibilities For the shirking of responsibilities: […]


I’m a Woman on Wheels!!* How great that feels- Ending the rabid self- justification In the Bus-versus- Taxi conversation Wherein I argue both cases with vigour, The fee for the latter significantly bigger: The argument for ergonomics Far outweighing economics, Travelling directly from door to door A small investment worth paying for. A simple luxury, […]