Now is a summer of our discontent, Made inglorious by serial high-impact events. Those embroiled in headline news stories Seeking nothing of this airwave glory But simply hoping to find their peace, The love after loss that enables grief To find a voice, to tell of experience, As the first foundation of repair and resilience, […]

Going Bananas!*

Begging the pardon of folks who garden, Have any of you tips to spare For a plot the size of a postage stamp Directly in the sun’s glare? -‘South facing’, to use the vernacular, Although really not that spectacular, Except for the pond And the wafting fronds Of our burgeoning banana plantation -A freak of […]

Parking Debacle*

That I am not a hermit Intones the need of a parking permit… An annual festival sans celebration* Of queueing at the Town Hall’s ticketing station To pay my money in a Hobson’s choice, Garageless folk here devoid of voice By the local council’s imposition Of annual permits for parking positions. And before you self-righteous […]

Sin Seven*

Is it reasonable to speculate there’s growth in sloth?* Taking the existential view That the doing of nothing is good for you, Enabling time to cogitate, Worry, mither, get things straight… Having lengthy conversations With oneself – though on such occasions Careful surveillance of others therepresent Who may think you crazy and start to resent […]

Soccer Start-Up*

Aaaaaaand YESSSSSSSS!!! It’s the start of the football season* But with it, an inevitable loss of all reason… -Just in case you haven’t heard… Not that it seems a little absurd To be crashing on with ‘winter pursuits, Pitches barely repairing their roots And fans confused by seasonal affairs Such as taking a holiday just […]

The Deterrence of Insurance…*

Oh, the wonderful world of vehicle insurance… A minefield demanding considerable endurance. The pawing of quotes to find the best deal Offering frankly minimal appeal, Knowing only too well from prior experience The Broker’s drive to up the expense, Little engaging with the idea That replacing the vehicle wouldn’t be that dear: Motoring snobbery just […]

Faith, Hope and Dignity*

Still reeling after all these years Of watching my mother slowly disappear:* First the forgetfulness, nobody thinking If she’s deaf with no aids in, that won’t be surprising…ยน Secondary but with increasing strength, A growing erosion of confidence. Vulnerability only now revealed As she loses the wherewithall to conceal Those things I think she knew […]