Woman with navigational skills of a paper bag on a windy day Missed an important appointment on account of losing her way… She’s great on foot from place to place But driving the car, she’s a total disgrace! If she’s honest, it’s really quite bizarre How she manages to get anywhere in car -Though, honestly, […]

Super Lunary*

Why all the fuss about Super Moon? It wasn’t like Superman was ever coming home With tales to tell of victory: Just an early morning Wow! in astronomy… And, yes, it was quite spectacular, Looming large above the tree That towers proud next the railway line: A curious border to define, Except for the fact […]


On days so cold When the forecast unfolds And it’s finally beyond doubt That winter is here with a job to do. Wrap up warm before you go out… Be prepared to get stuck in the snow (Depending where you’re hoping to go) Pack your Nan’s hand-knitted balaclava Just in case of the standard palaver; […]

Deal or No Deal?*

The ballot box opened, The papers all counted, The In-Out debacle not entirely surmounted. The vote of No Confidence, No small coincidence: A not-insignificant sign of displeasure Of all the political few seem to treasure, Standing by proxy for voters’ ideals. A privilege of esoteric appeal, The scene, in the pattern of centuries past. There’s […]

Side By Side*

If walking is fitness, then fitness is free -No pressure, no Lycra, no membership fee… Just willing limbs and decent shoes (For the sake of avoiding those blistering blues). A waterproof’s not a bad idea, given the English climate: Take the shopping list and your carrier bags And make the most of it… A little […]

Future Proof?*

It’s hard to make sense of modern priority, From mobile brand ownership To going to university To driving a car more than catching a bus… Where scouring the fares can inflame the fuss. What kind of set up makes buses expensive And train operators plainly transgressive, Raking off profits like scum from a river, Showing […]

A Point of Purpose*

Freedom doesn’t come for free: A challenging anomaly. The unmarked double-bind Of rights and responsibility Hardly rocket science, you’d think, As modern youth stands on the brink Of Adulthood. Whatever that means. Dreaming dreams and scheming schemes Of landmark moments glowing with pride. -Is that what you get from a near-death joy ride? …Is that […]

I, Three-Sixty*

Is it plain human greed that keeps the world turning, Through infinite rotations of restless yearning? Watching, wanting, wishing, wondering, Trying, failing, pushing, blundering, Generating energy just enough To keep things moving when the going gets rough. Friction (in its infinite forms) dragging the weight of distended norms Into an apathy-ridden gestalt Greater than the […]