Four legs good: two legs bad.¹ Just about the best advice I’ve ever had. Never trust a human- they just can’t stand still Sniffing the air with preconceptions and the drive for self-will. Looking to materialism as proof of status. Cautious with praise, they’d rather berate us. Bringing us down with words and worries. Wanting […]

T Will Survive!*

At first, she was stalwart, took the Leavers’ side Kept thinking she and hers could live sans Europe by their side She spent so many words trying hard to persuade Tory politicians Along with various aids. And now she’d vexed, like Humpty Dumpty Faltering at the helm like some nautical numpty She should have listened […]

Strictly Come Sitting…*

I’m feeling slightly overwrought By serial footage of competitive sport, The Commonwealth games, an impressive display, Drew me in deeper day by day: Grace, endurance and dedication All for the pride of our home nation, Me on the sofa (nothing new there!) Rapt with attention and starting to care To the point when I found […]

One Little Word*

No Means NO. Not ‘hang on! -Just a mo…’ No Means Not at all And most certainly not Go. Which part of that Is beyond comprehension? Which part inviting Unsolicited attention? Which part of ‘No’ In any situation Is an open invitation To sexual violation?   *  

The 3 Rs *

Parents, Teach your children to know their boundaries, To distinguish the their wrongs from their rights And, knowing they are loved unconditionally, To judge when to run and when, fight. The business of childhood learning Is more complex than ever before, The relentless spread of the mobile phone Both commended and abhorred, This portable technology […]

Home Comfort*

Do you remember the Good Old Days? The shared simplicity of outdoor play, Of meeting your mates to ride your bikes Of skipping and hopscotch and diamond kites? Of reading and writing and learning to spell, Of nans and grandads with stories to tell Of playing out with kids down the street, Of being polite […]

Weekend Widow*

‘WOMAN DIES OF BOREDOM!’ I can see the headlines now,… Man, she must’ve been desperate -Poor cow. Not that I’d be bothered To cultivate publicity. I mean, given the situation, What point would there be Of notifying the Nation With some witty banner headline Or worse, a solemnly rhymed oration With a sombre strapline? In […]