Weather Report*

“It *never* snows in Brighton!” -That’s what they used to say, The weather this morning reminding me It’s not always been that way…. My first year here Saw the beach disappear In a blizzard of unbroken white: They closed all the schools And sent us all home For sledging and a snowball fight! With nothing […]

Pointing the Finger*

The postmodern pencil grip Sees me wince with discomfort As though to simply hand-write Is a Herculean effort… The way young hands and fingers contort With the pain of all their internet sport: Thumbs the dominant digits these days, Depending, I suppose, on the games they play. Gone, the Hopscotch, Jacks and Five-Stones, Replaced by […]

Seasonal Slumber*

There are just a few signs of spring in my yard: The earth still resting, clogged and hard With weeds of all sorts taking up the challenge To wreak their bold, unfettered revenge, Presuming (rightly, one might suppose) They’ll see no trouble from the rose, A plant of sentimental worth While firmly rooted in the […]


I wonder if my mum knows today is in her honour? I dare say not, on account her demeanour. Her mind surrendered to history’s burden, Telling the same stories over again, Crying like a child with the sheer frustration Of knowing the nature of this situation. Yet, in brief moments of clear blue sky, Still […]

Sisterhood 2018*

Today, In case it’s past your awareness, Is International Women’s Day.* It slipped my mind, I should confess, To my considerable dismay. An allegory, one might argue, For the simplest reality: That women do what they need to do Without pursuing parity… Without the need to publicise Their every breath and every move, Somehow knowing […]

Bangin’ !*

Humpty Dumpty, As traditions has it, Took a tremendous cerebral hit, Falling from a wall Which logic suggests, Of sitting places Was not the best… He, though, having Royal approval Was subject to military removal To an elite centre of medical care Where doctors there-present sought to repair His shattered form (and presumably, ego) And […]

Off Sick*

These days, it seems, Evidence is King You can use it to prove just anything, Bend it, stretch it, reconfigure the facts, Add ammunition if under attack. Tweak it and sleek it and buff up the shine Just to impress that you’re towing the line; Regurgitate the Rhetoric Like practising a circus trick; Weep in […]