Cafe Confidential*

A cafe’s no place for the kids! -Although… perhaps it is…? The sitting and chatting and colouring books Great distraction from frowzily looks┬╣ Of adults deep within their minds; The knotting of eyebrows a common sign Of self preoccupation being surpassed. Let’s face it- be honest- how long would it last? When people-watching loses focus […]

Ghost Ships*

How is it such a mighty slip Of visible incompetence Can offer any rational defence? And how come -AGAIN- This work of men Bobs light in the waters of potential demise? No big surprise… Us ordinary folk devoid of skill To anticipate the gift of a devious will; While folk-tale villains enact their deeds And […]

Pecking Order*

There’s a part of me kept silent That really wants you to know How much I feel you malign me With a mind that it shouldn’t show. As though we are somehow in competition For superiority of position. Except that, frankly, I don’t give a hoot: I’m too long in the tooth to put in […]

Learning’s Where The Heart Is*

It must take some guts to think ‘home education’ Is better than the State’s own operation -Which is not for a moment to collude with ideas That reductionism will shrink and make disappear The gaps in learning one might choose to omit Just because of the test of it… Just because a child ‘can’t cope’- […]

Transmission Learning*

Let’s talk about training days. With their entrenched ways. Of presuming majority interests Without much space for interactive redress. The Doing of Things Perceived Essential Making no effort to unleash potential: More, rejoicing in entrenched ideas …Almost as though Big Bosses fear That thinking out loud in a crowded room Will plainly result in disruption […]

Unravels with my Aunt*

My Aunty used to love to knit. I’d never seen the like of it, Bewildered as much as I was inspired At the simple fact she never tired Of twitching those needles with Olympic speed To produce an item that someone would need For warmth, for comfort, for a fashionable turn: It’s a skill I […]

White Friday*

‘Whatever’s fallen from the sky is likely to freeze’… So the TV weather forecaster glibly foresees, Prompting an image of stop-framed chaos Combined with notions of Profit and Loss As retail outlets anticipate poor trade On account of weather forecasters’ tirades. Most, it should be said, while reflecting the risks Non-verbally intoning a forthright ‘Tsk!’ […]