Fathers’ Day*

My dad was a remarkable man who lived below the radar, Keen not to court attention lest people thought him bizarre, Judging, as is folks’s wont, his countenance and not his grace: The colour of his skin, not the man behind the face. He told us stories when we asked about the life he’d led […]

National Service*

Imagine the weight of expectation On those called up to serve their Nation: Every man and every woman, inexperienced in war, Perhaps never having connected with things worth fighting for. Freedom, the ultimate unspoken-given, The space that enables the lives we’re living: An existence most can take for granted, No need in the scheme for […]


Great love hath no man Than to lay down his life for his brother.* Though little, by contrast, is ever discussed About giving it for another: To lay down a life for an act of war, The bloody business of settling scores, A bounden duty naïve with grace As hundreds, thousands, took their place Discharging […]


My name’s Gail. And that’s where I fail A name so short to no avail- Quick to write, no signature flourish, Really not much there to encourage: Nothing romantic or remotely lyrical, Much less some eponymous miracle… Though my mum’s assured me over the years She and my dad, they chose it with care, Hyphenated (if […]

A & E*

I came I sat I waited And, if I’m honest, Hesitated In a straggling queue Of the black and blue Patiently waiting While contemplating Exactly what I should do. Patients came And patients went, Each with injuries to present Every one, it seemed to me Graced with supportive company While I sat solitarily, Some way […]