Gift Horse*

It’s beginning to look too much like Christmas… Oh, deary me. Costly bargains and tacky decorations as far as the eye can see! People of all ages gathering momentum Making lists and squaring up -If there’s bargains to be had, they’ll find ’em. Queues along the pavements as broad as they’re long While in the […]

The Ghost of City Centres*

There’s frequent conjecture On the urban spectre Of our city’s rough sleepers, Ever-present Loose-Change Reapers, Sitting on the pavement passing the time While the rest of the populous goes rushing by Getting themselves into quite a palaver, With sooo much shopping always to gather. It’s Christmas, soon, let’s not forget,(!) Seasoned consumers starting to fret, Ploughing […]


They also vex Who only stand and text. In the middle of a crowded space. As though theirs is a privileged case. Stopping still to make a call. Noting nothing odd at all About the fact they’re *IN THE WAY* As other folk go about their day, Taking not one moment of time To quickly, […]

Pavement Pacifism

When I was a child We were ranked and filed And not infrequently, crocodiled; Taken from class and made to walk, Taught road safety (-still allowed to talk!) In order simply to explore The world beyond our classroom doors. There was none of the fuss, the faffing, the fear That anyone would disappear A wearying […]