Cycle Path*

What goes around comes around As news headlines daily testify Informing Joe and Joanna public Of stuff to make them cry, Suggesting in no uncertain terms The lid’s gone missing from a whole can of worms… The simple yet unobvious fact That humankind quite simply lacks Any shared capacity To manage with magnanimity Those choices […]

Uphill Struggle*

I walked for my father, my mother, my aunt And for all this, in the end I still can’t Reconcile myself to the fate of each, Watching their lives dissolve out of reach, Leaving behind a mind devoided. If only this could have been avoided. But there, I suppose, the singular lesson That human life […]

The Road Ahead*

Today’s a day to stand in line With others who’s folk share the same fate as mine: The gradual erosion of personal history An insidiously powerful, corrosive mystery; The nature of Fate more fickle than fair, Scouring the mind ’til nothing’s left there. The shell of a person once life and soul Now whittled away […]

Unconditional *

My mother always cared for me With love, strength and dignity From first moments of infancy Til well into my adulthood, Shielding me from the painful Celebrating with the good. Always there when called upon To pick me up and dust me down, Unwritten in her undertaking The stepping back, the mending, making, Knowing when […]

Descartes for the Disinclined*

Peer pressure. Pressure from peers? Or pressure from more insideous sources Indirectly calling on financial resources To pay for physical characteristics To be remodelled to look ‘fantastic’, A construct too much in the media’s court, Suggesting all manner of overt self-harm Without so much of a sense of alarm As a reflex response to ‘current […]

Rights, Wrongs and Registration*

Donald the President went to town On members of the voting public Gritting his teeth and squinting his eyes Intoning a look of self-righteous surprise -Or have I simply misread the signs And all the misgivings are in my own mind..? It isn’t as though I’m American Or pledge allegience to the Flag, Its just, […]

The Corbyn Conundrum*

Oh, Mr Corbyn I used to have hope That yours would be the leadership To silence those that gloat,* Standing up with confidence and a cogent narrative Determination, strength and a sense of the imperative. But, oh, how many kites of hope have frayed from their strings, Thoroughly distracted by lesser political things. Teresa at […]