Life. Love. Learning. Laughter. Things to remember In the happy-ever-after. First steps, first calls, First stumble, first falls, First Going-Out nights, First fights and made-rights. Each governed with love and determination To learn for the better from a tough situation. A legacy crafted by patient degree, By parents setting their offspring free To find their […]

Sedentary Sympathy*

Children In Need Once again succeeds To raise epic amounts of money: The TV campaign With the verve of champagne And famous folk being funny… Dear Reader, forgive my cynicism Splitting the spotlight as it exits the prism Into a rainbow of unasked questions Arising in spite of creative suggestions For fun and challenge and […]

No Fixed Address*

Home is where the heart is, right?* In mind at least, if not plain sight. A place within, where memories hide Awaiting their moment to take on the tide; To prove their strength and take their place As obstacles in the human race. Some of them riding with hope and glory, Others recollecting a different […]

Power Point*

All for the want of passing the buck, A trail of admin and what the **** …A situation beyond my control Transmuted to interrogation of the soul, Unwittingly symbolising human decline For the want of doing absolutely everything online. Where once there was a paper trail: Archived evidence rarely ever failed But in this illustrious […]

Worth The Walk*

Is being active politically a civic responsibility Or just something we learn about from radio and TV…? The Right To Vote hard-won for women While taken for granted by men- But what point in raking that old argument out of the dirt again? This postmodern age, a life without limits: Is freedom too easy when […]

Weather Report*

Boat Building for Beginners┬╣ Would seem the way to go, With regard to the weather reports Across television and radio… Hurricane Michael leading the pack, Whipping across the USA. Laying waste to man-made construction Then trying to wash it away. Planet Earth is figthing back, Systematically provoked by human attack: The plundering of land and […]

Political Partay*

It’s hard not to imagine TV adverts full of woe Are somehow interconnected with the governmental show Of political ineptitude, fraying wits and pompous twits Making an inelegant fist of it all In the hallowed environs of Whitehall: Eloquently ramming home that, yes, you’re very much on your own Because ‘We’ in positions of national […]