Seasonal Slumber*

There are just a few signs of spring in my yard: The earth still resting, clogged and hard With weeds of all sorts taking up the challenge To wreak their bold, unfettered revenge, Presuming (rightly, one might suppose) They’ll see no trouble from the rose, A plant of sentimental worth While firmly rooted in the […]


I wonder if my mum knows today is in her honour? I dare say not, on account her demeanour. Her mind surrendered to history’s burden, Telling the same stories over again, Crying like a child with the sheer frustration Of knowing the nature of this situation. Yet, in brief moments of clear blue sky, Still […]

Soccer Sunday Lunch*

My team is in with a chance If all can sustain their collective dance- The phwoar of the bootblack, The roar of the crowd, Enough to make the City proud! The Thing (as per) I’d like to refer Is the questionable state of the players’ coiffeurs… I really am no physicist But a single, irreverent […]


Don’t dismiss me- Please forgive me Leaving this so late: Odds on you’re comfortably Continuing to celebrate…? (Which, I hope, might let me off The hook to some degree, Today the only chance I’ve had To just catch up, you see: Staying indoors, staring at walls, And toying with hibernation In utter, self-confessed laziness, On […]


Neanderthal woman lives…* But not in a purposeful way. Bleary eyed in a cave somewhere Preparing to face the day… The sun has barely risen And little effort makes To enlighten the morning that here unfolds The weekend looming like a crock of gold With little prospect of winning the jackpot (Arguably more of being […]


Love is in the air… And, doubtless, profit forecasts For chocolatiers across the land Who couldn’t give a whisker whether sentiment lasts… Material transgressions with flowers and confectionary Purchased with a view to conveying emotionary, Perhaps just a little bit too cliched But who these days embraces home-made? -No matter the thought, the effort and […]

Pet Rescue*

My cat Is a smart cat Emboldened by endurance. Couldn’t leave her in the cat home So I had to take the chance. All the other cats and kittens Already having thoroughly smitten Willing humans with space to care For creatures with a fine, full coat of hair… But nobody wanted a part-bald tabby, Hind […]