Home Is Where The Hound Is*

Me and my cat are like Batman and Robin (Without masks, tunic or tights… I pondered that for a moment And decided it wouldn’t be right). We share the same habits of slumber and sloth (A mutually unspoken immutable oath To sit side by side on a comfortable seat: Sleep-watch telly-snooze-repeat (Me with the added […]


What’s in a name? Choice, a serious game: A life-long tag to announce or disclaim, Depending on what our parents decide. The outcome a matter of penalty or pride Depending entirely on family whim, The label bestowed may sink or swim A life that’s barely yet unfolded. Some folks simply won’t be tolded, Seizing a […]


You put your X on the paper Then you fold it flat. Thousands did the same thing Just like that. But the outcome’s not conclusive in the traditional sense All on account of divided sentiments. While the ‘first past the post’ party usually wins, The tiniest majority’s not sufficient to convince The rest of the […]


If God in all His many forms Shares advocacy of relational norms Where one person chooses to join with another In faith with love, Together to discover A life of mutual authenticity, To walk side by side on an unplanned journey With hope, inspiration and mutual care, Why, then, do some folk still stand and […]

Brexit Bru-Ha-Ha*

Brexiteers ‘ve got the bit between their ears… Panic buying Panic selling Panic wailing Panic yelling Panic, though, no useful contribution To finding some sense of a shared solution. Whether we Leave or whether Remain, There will inevitably be change For such is the nature of human endeavour: Nothing stays the same for ever. So […]

Learning For Life*

Education For learning’s sake Would, it’s true, a difference make, Validating individual learners As people more than potential earners: The workers contributing to taxation… But these days, it seems that State motivation Is simply to prove the Nation’s prowess While smoke-screening the usefulness Of keeping young folk away from the workplace In attempt to save […]

Unravels with my Aunt*

My Aunty used to love to knit. I’d never seen the like of it, Bewildered as much as I was inspired At the simple fact she never tired Of twitching those needles with Olympic speed To produce an item that someone would need For warmth, for comfort, for a fashionable turn: It’s a skill I […]