Unravels with my Aunt*

My Aunty used to love to knit. I’d never seen the like of it, Bewildered as much as I was inspired At the simple fact she never tired Of twitching those needles with Olympic speed To produce an item that someone would need For warmth, for comfort, for a fashionable turn: It’s a skill I […]

Can It *

Can a body live – survive- on tinned food? Consumption in the long term (without being rude) Raising the issue of chemical imbalance While buying into the song and dance Of Brexit and all its impending devices That (no cigar and no surprises) Yes, we may be driven to return to the land. To grow […]

Fame and Fallibility*

Do you find yourself in times of troubleReally quite unwittingly,Errors made, the consequenceOf cognitive creativity…?Do you wonder why you wonderWhat you wonder without invitation,Consternation rising with undue exacerbation,Pointing corps-less fingers at the blemishes and flawsWith theatrical grandeur, in pursuit of applause?Everyone loves a hero- though provenance may varyFrom self-proclamation to the reference liberar-y…As long as […]

Deal or No Deal?*

The ballot box opened, The papers all counted, The In-Out debacle not entirely surmounted. The vote of No Confidence, No small coincidence: A not-insignificant sign of displeasure Of all the political few seem to treasure, Standing by proxy for voters’ ideals. A privilege of esoteric appeal, The scene, in the pattern of centuries past. There’s […]

Side By Side*

If walking is fitness, then fitness is free -No pressure, no Lycra, no membership fee… Just willing limbs and decent shoes (For the sake of avoiding those blistering blues). A waterproof’s not a bad idea, given the English climate: Take the shopping list and your carrier bags And make the most of it… A little […]

A Point of Purpose*

Freedom doesn’t come for free: A challenging anomaly. The unmarked double-bind Of rights and responsibility Hardly rocket science, you’d think, As modern youth stands on the brink Of Adulthood. Whatever that means. Dreaming dreams and scheming schemes Of landmark moments glowing with pride. -Is that what you get from a near-death joy ride? …Is that […]

I, Three-Sixty*

Is it plain human greed that keeps the world turning, Through infinite rotations of restless yearning? Watching, wanting, wishing, wondering, Trying, failing, pushing, blundering, Generating energy just enough To keep things moving when the going gets rough. Friction (in its infinite forms) dragging the weight of distended norms Into an apathy-ridden gestalt Greater than the […]