Sartorial Shenanigans*

Shopping for clothes… An evolutionary human habit? An eye for a bargain? No thinking- just grab it? Seen it in a magazine or on the back of a passer by? “It’s absolutely what I need- just not really quite sure why…” Seeing it now in a retail outlet, with lightning reflex and just gotta have […]

‘Tis The Season*

We’re walking in the air 1 -At least, we would if we were there, Hand in hand with with a giant snowman To the fading tones of the Sally Army Band, 2 Flying high above the mayhem Of general Christmas preparation… Hoards of shoppers with endless lists Downplaying the voices as children insist They absolutely must procure […]

Hokey Cokey*

May versus Sturgeon? -Let’s hope there’s a surgeon Standing by the ring-side watching the show As their hokey-cokey argument continues to grow Over how to decide the future of relations Between two conjoined stalwart nations Ego-deep in arguments of rhetoric Each in their way articulate and politic, Carefully coiffed with twinsets and pearls Details reducing […]

City Spectres*

In the bleak midwinter, As we wrap ourselves up warm And whack up the heating Averting hypothermal harm, Is there space for a moment’s thought For those checked in at the Last Resort Who spend their nights in renegade places, Tucked in a shop front averting their faces? A few possessions placed out of range, […]

…Spare Change?*

Have you seen the old men, Or the younger ones at that, Scattered on the pavements And quietly sat With dogs by their sides, And ‘spare change’ in a hat? There’s women, too, Far fewer in number, And increasing here,¹ Though relative newcomers, Leading me, as one of their kind To wonder what ensues to […]

The Silence of the Season

The creeping sense of Christmas Has snuck right into town With lights, music, bargains, Folks striding up and down In streets crammed tight with expectation, Spectres of anticipation Motivating urgent souls In pursuit of ultimate retail goals, Each arm’s-length list of great ideas Tended with care to avoid the tears Without, ‘tis hoped, the liquidation […]

Wild is the Wind

Wild is the wind As the day begins With the scattering of the wheelie bins… Blown to the left and skewed to the right Though, mercifully, most still morally upright, Chattering urgently as lids rise and fall Though, thankfully, most still standing tall. There’ll be a few folk locally Who’ll no doubt be viewing regrettably […]