Sendentary Saturday*

Ah, the delights of Saturday morning:* No alarms, just slothful yawning, Radio on in constant conversation, Concealing the inevitable cognitive vacation… Elicitng a Cocktail Party Effect That contributes nothing to my intellect, (In truth, already wholly diverted By stuff on the ‘net so blatantly asserted, Somehow knowing, without my consent, There’s money somewhere, just waiting […]

Summer in the City*

A model of the pier A stick of Brighton rock A bargain from Primark A genuine linen frock… Chips on the seafront While seagulls parade -Don’t look now: Be very afraid… Those beady eyes and polished beaks Surveying the humans, those sideshow freaks Walking along like Kings of the Prom Without so much as a […]

George Street Vintage*

George Street Vintage is my choice of design house. Uniqueness of style for an interesting blouse As much a well chosen gentlemen’s shirt- (The buttons are reversed but that doesn’t hurt)¹. Enough of a choice not to suffer the indignity Of meeting someone dressed the same way as me (Which happened in a pub one […]

Dietary Dilettantism*

‘Children are getting fatter…’ Yes, I can see this matters, Though the focus of culpability Is not much under scrutiny, Newsreels headlining ‘obesity’¹ Arguably missing the mark, you see- That acquisition of eating habits Is rooted in the lives we inhabit, Attitudes and eating behaviours Passively modelled by adult saviours: Parents and carers in the […]

Off Your Trolley… *

Twenty-first century supermarkets Pose quite a conundrum indeed Selling everything we could possibly want Alongside what we don’t need, The vital business of advertising A virtual battle assuaged With happy, smiling model ‘staff’ Attempting to engage A tired mind preoccupied While resting in front of the telly On topics such as competing brands That’d make […]

Food For Thought*

The modern hunter-gatherer Is something of a mitherer¹… Stalking round the supermarket, Lugging their trolley rather than park it Lest there’s something so obscure On special offer- a bargain for sure Irrespective of whether the thing Is actually worth the bother of queueing ; Taking the ticket with Lottery hope, Trying with all your might […]

Parking Political*

Parking in Brighton Is far from right on… The premium tariffs completely adrift And, frankly, causing rather a rift Between the Council, hovering with greed And road users whose freedom this impedes, Tourists, its seems, at the top of the list Of those entitled to feel p*ssed While those of us who just reside Are […]