Skin Deep*

Looking somewhere between bizarre and fantastic, The famous faces now filled with plastic Step out confidently into the spotlight With an air suggesting they’re doing it right: Every single hair in place No hint of lines upon each face, Foreheads somewhat immobilised, As much as the skin around the eyes. Triangular mounds of implanted filler […]

The Age of Reason*

When we were young, we wanted to grow up But none of us expected to grow old. We listened to our parents and learned from our elders And generally did as we were told… When things went wrong, we found a way To put them back together Constantly re-configuring allegiance Believing we’d been clever. The […]

British Summer Time*

The sun has got its hat on: Rare cause for celebration!! The simultaneous signal To disrobe across the nation… The clouds now in abeyance But who knows for how long, It’s time to get near-naked, Join the sun-worshippers’ throng. Is this what other nations mean By British ‘eccentricity’? -The stripping off at the drop of […]

The Age of Reason*

When I was young It was Oil of Ulay┬╣ That promised to at least allay The wrinkling of skin beholden of kin Who’d lived and worked and aged with grace, Their history narrated by the lines on their face. They’d stories to tell of their journeys through life From childhood through war time to dutiful […]


Summer time and the occasion arises To let go those little up-sleeve surprises… Tattoos hidden away for the winter (As a way to keep warm, what could’ve been simpler Than saving these sanctified works of ink And avoiding the looks that say what some folk think…?) Though gone are the days of American piety, Hiding […]

History In The Making*

Would you rather grow old And your skin start to fold Or take to the needle Just hoping to wheedle A small degree of intervention Just by way of elementary prevention, Believing reducing the signs of ageing Is just a gentler way of staging Something inherent, inevitable, And ultimately irrevocable? The choices are stark Should […]