Hokey Cokey*

May versus Sturgeon? -Let’s hope there’s a surgeon Standing by the ring-side watching the show As their hokey-cokey argument continues to grow Over how to decide the future of relations Between two conjoined stalwart nations Ego-deep in arguments of rhetoric Each in their way articulate and politic, Carefully coiffed with twinsets and pearls Details reducing […]

See The Eagle And The Damage Done*

We heard you knockin’ On the White House door, We think you’re crazy But we can’t be sure… Ooh, ooh, the things to come… You hit the city And you played your hand We watched New Yorkers Try to take a stand But other Nationals, They had other plans… I’d sing the song If I could […]


Never trust a man with a strawberry blond barnet¹ Without fully questioning what lies underneath it: The business of US president, an interesting precedent- A testing indictment of majority public sentiment. Too late for those who didn’t vote, A spectacular platform for others to gloat. Divide and rule, whether sinner, saint or fool, Whether prize […]

World Regression*

The Russians are getting restless With Putin at the helm, His high-profile military posturing Showing will to overwhelm. The Middle East is a mystery So complex and intense: Thousands of folk in fear of their lives, The challenge of survival immense. Europe is in turmoil As nations begin to test The very solidarity That made […]

US After Party*

Is it my business to feel incensed At the US decision with world consequence? Do I have the right to express my unease At a man who seems focussed only to please Those who follow in his wake And seemingly would not hesitate To sell his mother (though not his wife) In order to simply […]

Margins of Magnitude (7:00am)

Rug-rats versus weasel: Which the lesser of two evils? It’s ‘too close to call’ We’re climbing the walls. Politics is dangerous game And not for the faint hearted, Blurred vision and myopia, Inflictions gamefully imparted: The power of words completely absurd in selectivity of meaning, Incumbent debate invariable inflaming wounds that needed healing. The hopes […]

U.S. or them?*

Trump The Chump Has the whole world pumped With divisive statements That come from his rump On everything the world holds dear. You’re surely gonna find it here!!! Equality, opportunity, expectation, With or without recrimination Depending on the winning side And whether you’re in it for the ride… Sound waves in their mighty torrent, Rhetoric […]