Boredom and Disorder*

Lord, I am bored With this six week summer vacation An open-ended stretch of weeks With way more troughs than actual peeks, What with everyone else I know Having jobs where they choose when not to go: A day off here, a morning there, At times of rest when in need of self-care. Reaping the […]

Personal Geology

Domestic excavation is a challenge for my soul, The well-dispersed constituent parts contingent of the whole Reflecting my endeavours, pursuits of creativity, And spread about my living space with casual alacrity… My capacity for untidiness continues to exceed As though signifying some underlying pathological need As yet to be defined in print, a detailed diagnosis, […]

The Third Dimension*

“D-I-Why??” I hear myself cry As I wrestle the flat-pack In systematic attack, Opening the packaging, Unavoidably ravaging Nails, skin, good will and general environment (When I said ‘DIY’, that’s exactly what I meant…) Several hours later, Feeling somewhat aggrieved, I take a step back to see what I’ve achieved: A fabulous assembly of struts […]

Chaos Theory

Division of labour needs delicate balance, So often the wrecker of modern romance With both teams silently competing Over jobs that daily need repeating Even though, if taking a survey, Each would declare for sure that they Loathe the housework Hate the chores Find Domestica such a bore, Would gleefully skip over the detail Risking […]