If God in all His many forms Shares advocacy of relational norms Where one person chooses to join with another In faith with love, Together to discover A life of mutual authenticity, To walk side by side on an unplanned journey With hope, inspiration and mutual care, Why, then, do some folk still stand and […]

Feline Separation Anxiety*

Man granted rights to Skype the cat… I see nothing strange about that. Human relationship demise Really, these days, no big surprise. As sad as it seems inevitable, Folk learn they are not so compatible, And try as they might, the inevitable fight To find a suitably mutual solution Is a complex process of (d)evolution, […]


The violation of childhood Is transgretion beyond forgiveness Irrespective of clerical attempts To sooth the lava of this bubbling mess; A holy order of vile transgression Taking children as possession, Building in turn a fearsome chapter, Jaws with the strength of Satan’s raptor, Those who have known the truths of experience Living a private Hell […]

Great Is Their Faithfulness*

Here, now, in the twenty-first century, It vexes and appals me That animals, like children, Seem to constitute a human liberty… Unless, for reasons of compassion, A ‘future owner’ may deviate from fashion And open their heart to a ‘prehomed’ creature, Need and potential the prominent features Over and above a fancy breed -It’s a […]

Corbyn the Cantankerous?*

Oh, Mr Corbyn, What on earth do you think you’re doing… Shedding skins like a reptile, a slippery road to ruin? I used to have hope you would lead with conviction But all I hear now is driven by friction. Arguments I can’t even conceive About the things you purport to believe And yes, I’m […]

Man Up*

Goldie Loxx was a thoughtful boy, Imbued with inevitable folk-tale joy. At least, in readers’ imagination… For his domestic situation Was less than fair or desirable: More, tragically derisable… Every female living there Obsessed with frocks, heels, nails and hair, Leaving all domestic chores And other tasks that they abhorred To Goldie, his time fully […]

The Power of Two*

Partnership is the greatest teacher, Walking side by side on an open road: No route map, compass, guiding star, Unspoken trust therein bestowed. Each one mindful of the other, The will to journey, a mutual endeavour. Cautious and gentle, the growth of ties, As each mind with the other tries To fathom some interpretation From […]