Yee haaaa! Tis the season For lighting the barbecue With no sense of reason, A primal response especial to men while women with fresh laundry sigh ‘Lord! Not again…! Surely there must be another way To cook your food on the sunnier days?? -Have you no sense of domestic routine (Scratch that- it’s not like […]

Line of Duty*

Every country needs traditions Whatever its political or social condition Rooted in histories of war and peace, A peculiar theatre of historical decrees, The stream of pristine uniforms A symbol of all that here conforms In the name of tradition, an erudition Passed across the centuries, A ritual sense of unity, With seamless choreography: This […]

National Daze*

Well, Happy Saint George’s Day! -Who was this ol’ chap anyway? Donned his armour, Rode a steed, That’s about all I’ve ever read. But thinking further on the topic It seems a little man-myopic That patron saints of our sceptre isles Are three great guys with armoured smiles. Once again, as is my wont I […]

Christmas Present

When I was small, I truly believed That each and every gift I received Was delivered by hand to my home address By a chap attired in seasonal dress; A pudding for a belly, a bell on his hat, And a red velvet gown to cover all that. (His belt, a little tight, I fear- […]

Seasons Greetings*

December is here but the leaves are still changing, As though the seasons are rearranging… Radiant green the prevalent shade Only gradually beginning to fade Multiple hues of orange and red Spectral affirmation that the leaves are dead, Floating down on the chill of the wind, Affirming that Nature shall not rescind . A proper […]

Black Friday Fandango*

Fridays come but once a week. This one, though, some kind of freak, Hijacked by an American thing Inspired to make the registers ring… When Black Friday Comes¹ We’re all supposed to shop, Buying anything and everything, Completely unable to stop, Encouraged to take excessive liberties Under the auspice of pending Festivities, This bizarre excuse […]

Leap Year Legacy*

Marry me, yes? Or marry me , no…? Today’s the day, In case you don’t know, When women, yes- women! Are so permitted To ask the man to whom they’re committed Whether he would deign to be Mister to her Missus, you see. So, what’s the deal? -That table turned Suggesting that women, too, might […]