Blue Monday…*

Monday makes the week go round -Without much creative endeavour, I’ve found… News stories telling the same ol’ tales Depicting the ways that humans fail And saving just one small moment of joy -An irritatingly regular ploy As though this single-cell postivity Eclipses political proclivity, The moaning, groaning, monotoning A flimsy disguise for the human […]


The campaign for Tory leadership* Had all the political finesse Of a sandcastle building competition Running from Bognor to Skegness. I don’t mean any disrespect To fellow sea-siders It’s just that down in Brighton It’s pebbles from ear to ear… Thankfully, The contest didn’t transpire To handbags at dawn (Though in truth, by contrast, ‘Twas […]

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation*

Oh, England, My Laughing Stock¹, How great the temptation To simply mock… You must be hopeful the worst is done, Now the sporting opponents have had their fun. You must be grateful there’s time in hand For hope that we might understand, (After extensive psychoanalysis) Just how damaged this country is. How much we assume […]

People in Glass Mansions Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Dear Mr Gove, sir, Spouting forth your Credo Wouldn’t be better off Messing with your play-dough? Squashing, squeezing, pinching out National spirit, public doubt, Struggling for a sympathy vote With each any every tender quote, The confidence that you exude Honed especially to preclude The very possibility That you are taking liberties, Imposing views on […]

Party For One

British Party Politics: What a box of tricks, With quite a lot of theatre Thrown into the mix. The pomp and the ceremony The under-cover hegemony The cut-glass accents Inviting dissent Down among the ordin’ry folk, Their opinions ignored and ire provoked With leaders elected more by omission Than any real sense of fair competition, […]