Fake Philosophy*

I’m slightly bemused By the stuff of ‘fake news’,¹ The Blustering hurrumphs Of the Trumpety-Trump. The People, it seems by all accounts, Believing every syllable thus pronounced Is God’s honest heart-felt gospel fact -Accompanied by threats of a weapons attack. While the very same media has Kim Jong Un With his finger hovering a similar […]


Gender equality’s Still far from where it ought to be, That glistening glass ceiling So transparent most can’t see… The shifting of parameters Diminishing the calibre, Raising the bar And then hiding the key. The headlines go crazy For any frontline lady With balls enough To scale the parapet But once she’s ascended Her glory’s […]

Civil Engineering*

A bridge over even mildly troubled water Would be quite an architectural undertaking, A structure designed to take the weight Would certainly be worth making But nonetheless leaves unresolved The problems of three restless souls Anxious to secure position As the country’s leading politician, Currently standing side by side At least pretending to be firmly […]


The campaign for Tory leadership* Had all the political finesse Of a sandcastle building competition Running from Bognor to Skegness. I don’t mean any disrespect To fellow sea-siders It’s just that down in Brighton It’s pebbles from ear to ear… Thankfully, The contest didn’t transpire To handbags at dawn (Though in truth, by contrast, ‘Twas […]


Never trust a politician. While perhaps a harsh position, Literal and disparaging (Arguably even dis-Faraging) There’s something questionable, is there not, About the nature of a politician’s lot? The pay and conditions affirm a status That keeps them up later than most of us, Talking, debating, passing bills And having time left over still For […]