You put your X on the paper Then you fold it flat. Thousands did the same thing Just like that. But the outcome’s not conclusive in the traditional sense All on account of divided sentiments. While the ‘first past the post’ party usually wins, The tiniest majority’s not sufficient to convince The rest of the […]

Political Hot Air*

Theresa May On a blustery day At the mercy of political rhetoric …Don’t get me wrong, I’m not singing her song, -And she clearly ain’t got no circus tricks, Anymore than a bejewelled magic wand Or vaguely inglorious high kicks…¹ For all the turmoil across public domains Is it plainly the case that once again […]

Deal or No Deal?*

The ballot box opened, The papers all counted, The In-Out debacle not entirely surmounted. The vote of No Confidence, No small coincidence: A not-insignificant sign of displeasure Of all the political few seem to treasure, Standing by proxy for voters’ ideals. A privilege of esoteric appeal, The scene, in the pattern of centuries past. There’s […]

Every Decreasing Circles*

Politics is for the Voters As much as the gloaters, Though, those who did nowt About the ol’ In or Out Really have no grounds to whinge at all, As they witness the nation’s potential Fall. Scenes unfolding of rowdy inglory; The nation awaiting the fate of a Tory. The broader picture marginally more complex, […]

Career Politicians*

Is it meOr are politicians getting younger?The smell of their career-driven hungerMuddled with Crimplene to diminish their youthAs though such a mantle disguises the truthThat actual life experience accruedWouldn’t take that long to review…From school to university,Bamboozled by diversityAnd wanting first to take a standEmpowering their fellow man.A noble sentiment indeed,Determination to succeedSomehow lacking credibilityOn […]


Blah blah Brexit… Blah blah impending exit… Blah blah Teresa v. Boris…* Like the only choice for PM is this… A tit-for-tat-Toryfied battle of wits Between two over-educated upper class twits… With an ego a-piece and alleged erudition That gives them both balls to compete for position While ordinary folk, their patience vexed, Try to […]

So Long, Farewell*

There´s a sad sort of clanging from Big Ben in the tower And the bells in the Abbey too. And down in the Chambers The politicians coo ‘The Brexit Vote? -There’s nothing we can do.’ What a bloomin’ ballyhoo! BALLYHOO! Regretfully they tell us While seeking to compel us To say goodbye to Europe ‘Boo. […]