Batman RIP*

Batman and Robin? Wow! What a team!! -With cloaks, masks and tights To conceal the Dream: A lesson in life that crossed generations Courtesy of a TV station That brought this comic-strip pair to light To educate kids on Wrong from Right, Witty adversaries setting the scene With their cravings for power A crime-fighter’s dream. […]

Premier League*

The telly’s awash with men in shorts Like some bravado holiday resort. Huffing and puffing and snorting abound, The expletives deleted by techies on Sound The video editors nimble of finger Swift with the cuts so the hurt doesn’t linger Except, of course, when there’s foulness of play When it’s really quite obvious what players […]

Family Viewing

Dear Mr TV-Scheduler Is there really nothing better To offer us humble terrestrial viewers Than age old formats relit to look newer…? Strictly Come Tedium busting a zip To make sure performers remain toe-to-tip With the same old faces, the same old quips, And every excuse to show the girls’ nix… Though I’ve noticed the […]