Boredom and Disorder*

Lord, I am bored With this six week summer vacation An open-ended stretch of weeks With way more troughs than actual peeks, What with everyone else I know Having jobs where they choose when not to go: A day off here, a morning there, At times of rest when in need of self-care. Reaping the […]

Alphabetical Pathetical*

A’s for Applications. I could decorate my cell. B is for Boredom. All this form-filling is hell. C is for Caffeine, to keep my small brain turning D is for Distractions: spending money I’m not earning… E’s for Everything that I‘ve solemnly repeated F -two Fingers up for the way I’m feeling treated G‘s for […]

Assimilation Breeds Contempt

Applications Applications Applications I am lost in applications:* A woe of core purpose Wearied by predications. How whimsical to think That my years on this isle Would somehow furnish a CV With features to beguile, The crafting of those paragraphs A critical endeavour To spin a tale of skills accrued Through solid years of labour. […]

Jigsaw Dysphoria*

Bored I am bored With the test of applications, Shuffling my words To be a stand-out sensation At the same time worrying A few too many syllables Will surely raise the hackles Of those straining at their shackles While sitting round the table Assessing if I’m able, A clear definition Of a singular position, Pronouncing […]

Chaos Theory

Division of labour needs delicate balance, So often the wrecker of modern romance With both teams silently competing Over jobs that daily need repeating Even though, if taking a survey, Each would declare for sure that they Loathe the housework Hate the chores Find Domestica such a bore, Would gleefully skip over the detail Risking […]

Soccer Severance

On the first day of the holiday My true love said to me, “I’m going down the pub to watch the football.” And so it was the day began, Him being such an avid fan Focused on his tribal call With me trying not to look *Appalled*… Though truth be told, he didn’t see, Transfixed […]