Last Days of Discipline*

Why is it fine To be marking time At the company’s expense? What possible defense For hours and hours of mindless computing? -There’s absolutely no room for refuting How little there is of purpose to do In this term-end empty human zoo… The urge for planning and preparation An over-anticipated expectation, Slightly overstepping the unspoken-given […]


Trust. A quality that binds us In the ordinariness of things. The watching and the waiting, The inevitable vacillating, The trials and tribulations, Of unexpected stings. The unspoken given Of the space in between ¹ A simple acknowledgement Of the places we’ve been; Journeys planned and unplanned, With rocks on the tarmac, The kind of […]

Let Them Eat Cake*

Cake in the staff room, The sit, chat and laugh room, Sat on the pastiche eighties chairs Reflecting on the day’s affairs: Coffee and banter (The occasional ranter!) Holding a mirror To our collective endeavour: A space for debriefing, Reflection and reprieving, What to do next time And when to walk away. Students improving (A […]

Soccer Shocker*

Football’s gone all self-righteous A united front tutting at the simply outrageous Utterly implausible idea That unimaginable sums of money Have actually been changing hands here… Call it a bribe or call it a bung, The latest team manager, record unsung, Is being hung right out there to dry, As all around, the Nation sighs, […]

Olympic Endeavour

Watching the Olympics was never my intention With household chores beseeching attention, My firmly asserted lack of interest in sport Undermined by a curious sense of import, This once-in-four-years multinational occasion Weaving its spell in my imagination With feats of grace as much as endeavour, All of it big and all of it clever! Remembering […]

Logistics of Leadership

When the going gets tough, The Brits talk Sport… Balls: Hit, kicked, bounced, flounced Fouled, caught, fraught. You have to admire our national spirit- No matter the contest, We think we can win it. And when we have failed Again and again, Angrily berated the streams of men,* We polish our pride Rearrange our expression […]

Mrs Manager*

Introducing Mrs Hodgson, A woman in the shadows Whose hubby’s centre-stage right now As everybody knows… Do you ever pause to question If she likes the anonymity? Whether she craves to be centre-stage Or prefers quiet afternoon tea? I wonder what she really thinks About living with The Team? One thing is for sure right now: […]