Drought Doubt*

Save water? -Bath with a friend…?!! I think not!! -although that may depend …On being allowed to bath at all, Given the recent abstemious rainfall: A peculiar sense of deja nada¹ The call to Save water!! Making things that much harder. Doesn’t this happen too frequently Or is that just my memory…? Especially recalling ’76 […]

Repercussions of Concussion*

Who would’ve said A bang on the head Would cause such consternation? The fuss and bother quickly surpassed By a trail of administration… The filling of forms and checking of cause A necessary protocol; The only given solution Consumption of Paracetamol. Me having to explain in detail again Notwithstanding waves of pain, My sense that […]

Total Monarchy…*

In this age of ubiquitous technology How is a public ‘apology’ Anywhere near sufficient As an act of reparative psychology To cover for human errors and woes (Even though sometimes that’s how things go- The situation exacerbated When workers by management are berated -And vice versa, it’s true to say: Political disputes seem to grow […]

The Mobile Imperative*

You know you really shouldn’t ought Use you mobile while driving In case you get caught… -Or, much worse than that by far, You injure or kill someone with your car. The logic is obvious, though not so the risk ‘Coz hey!- it’s OK, you’ll only be brisk… That call to a mate to say […]

Neighbourhood Wrath*

It seems workplace parking’s gone barking With all the chaos it’s sparking, The length of the roads Running past our abode Overflowing with tempers and narking… The neighbours are generally tolerant As we clutter their streets with cars But Wednesday’s inclement weather Caused chaos beyond bizarre: Tempers already beginning to fray At the end of […]