Blood is thicker than water, Implying from Day One The coulda-shoulda-oughta-* Kinda undertakings implied by genetics That, over time, hone to family polemics Passed unquestioning across generations, The unnoticed ceding of trophy vexations Urging their way to a marketable brand With nobody pausing to try and understand Just exactly how these have grown, Passively, silently, […]

King John’s Christmas (2016…)*

King John was not a good man By dint of reputation Though few, ’tis true, have ever given Credence to his situation… A lonely chap beneath his crown, Often prone to feeling down, And finding himself left alone With precious few friends At the end of the phone, Worrying quietly as Christmas approaches That any […]

Applied Trichology

Dear Rita Chakraborty, I’d really like to know: Do you ever contemplate Letting your hair grow…? The reason I’m asking Is one of practicality, A little fuelled by envy (Though not fanaticality…) A distant, anonymous, sister-in-locks, I’d love to change my own hair ‘style’ Like others change their socks But, poker-straight and unforgiving, Those trials […]