Old man. Fancy car. Driving style a little bizarre…¹ Given the clear cost of your wheels (Personally, I just don’t get the appeal- Is this perhaps a conscious selection To perk up your gradually failing erection? -The only way to shore up your manhood?) Things must be tough in your neighbourhood, Your desperate desire to […]


What’s is a name? -Is it pride or shame? Is it your moniker That governs your fame? Or is your tagging The reason for lagging Behind in the workplace By implication of race? A curious question Of modern times, The stealth of selection A silent crime; Allegations quiet and clear Suggesting that might happen here- […]

A Fine Balance*

Boys And men Fill the headlines again, Their doing of deeds All we hear of and read From terrorism to heroism, Unspoken truth to aphorism, From breathing in oxygen To kicking a ball To reaching the summit, The men do it all With trumpets and fanfares and TV crews, Leaving the women with little to […]

Domestic Science

Mothers, Teach your boy-children To hoover in the corners The consequences otherwise Are hideous, I warn you. While radiant cleanliness Is worked around the centre A glorious halo will begin to emerge At the threshold where visitors enter, An every-greying border spreading out towards the skirting Which over time, undoubtedly, becomes rather diverting, While women-folk, […]

Match Day*

Mothers, don’t let your babies Grow up to be cowboys,* Whatever incarnation that entails. From guys riding rough-shod on ranges To the Suits doing door-to-door sales. Don’t let them grow up to be idle, either- The kind with Opinions That sit, drink and mither… With political vows They proudly espouse With voices triumphant, A little […]

Too Many Ch(i)efs

Christmas is finished Give or take a day or two, Leaving me wondering What else there is to do… Life, it seems, proceeds Irrespective of celebration- The highs and the lows, The family protestations. The rain just keeps on falling, World politics is appalling, New casts focus on the great and the good While the […]