Pension Dissention*

Can you imagine staying in school For as long as the government tells you to…? Demanding ‘compulsory passes’, you see, For English and Maths at GCSE. The subtext little elucidated, Though,clearly quite uncomplicated: The raising of British pensionable age A loosely ‘complimentary’ adage To rampant outsourcing of national employment, Perversely suggesting more time for enjoyment […]


What’s is a name? -Is it pride or shame? Is it your moniker That governs your fame? Or is your tagging The reason for lagging Behind in the workplace By implication of race? A curious question Of modern times, The stealth of selection A silent crime; Allegations quiet and clear Suggesting that might happen here- […]

Let Them Eat Cake*

Cake in the staff room, The sit, chat and laugh room, Sat on the pastiche eighties chairs Reflecting on the day’s affairs: Coffee and banter (The occasional ranter!) Holding a mirror To our collective endeavour: A space for debriefing, Reflection and reprieving, What to do next time And when to walk away. Students improving (A […]

Target Practice*

I’m heading for the doghouse… I haven’t done my paperwork: The consternation this aroused Suggesting that I shirk. A veiled accusation Exponentially up-scaled Because I dared to justify The way this has prevailed. I dared to stand my corner (Quite calmly, as it goes) Suggesting that I felt it best To first engage with those […]

Learning Journeys

We are what we learn.¹ In time and in turn, We absorb ideas and attitudes Intermingled with simple platitudes Passively acquired from social encounters Whether others include or totally discount us, Soaking up signals with no critical filter Until, in time, things seem quite out of kilter. Only then can the questioning start: The curiosity […]

Legislation, Legislation, Legislation*

Academisation.¹ The deconstruction of State education By the very folk at the helm of the nation. Most of whom will not have partaken, Which weakens their argument, if I’m not much mistaken… Those whose parents paid their fees While peers² elsewhere got schooled for free, Evident right from Spell-Check’s rejection Of the moniker given to […]