Turns out we can prove anything with science From evolutionary genesis to rights of military defiance, The human drive for evidence A raison d’etre in our defence, Proving the pudding with vital consumption Tempered with a measure of righteous assumption, This, the way that History is born: Those who speak loudest leading the dawn While […]

Track & Field*

I’m feeling slightly overwrought By serial footage of competitive sport… As if the football season Was not sufficient reason For sitting on the sofa, glued to the screen Wondering what might happen And then, what might’ve been; Not really understanding the draw, Much less, the business of keeping score Until I caught crossed paths with […]

Totally Tutelary*

It’s a well-known folklore fact That once the genie’s let out of the bottle, He rarely, if ever, goes back. The slightest whiff of retrogression A sinister sideways kind of profession That nothing now can be undone. Damage notwithstanding, Ascent’s hard won. Depending, of course, on your point of view: Whether to weather or simply […]

Yule Tied

Christmas is coming. It happens every year, This annual infringement of Expected Good Cheer… As shops transform to serial grottos And every adult, pensive, knows The secrets they are bound to keep In order for their kids to sleep, Slumbering with dreams of hope- Sometimes the only way to cope. With advertising to enrage It […]

Festive Spirit

Still dreaming of that White Christmas Just like the ones we never see? Deluded by baa-humbug and Misrepresentative meteorology, The appliance of science would seem to suggest That this year’s season will be much like the rest…? I’m sure you know there’ll be no snow But we all love the game to hope it’s so. […]