Warden Extortion*

  This is my moment of ignominy… A rather ‘alternative’ opportunity In which, it seems, I’m singled out To test my resolve in a sea of doubt From a tiny boat of meagre construction To ride a tide of utter disruption. It isn’t like I need the test- I was quite looking forward to a […]

Super Lunary*

Why all the fuss about Super Moon? It wasn’t like Superman was ever coming home With tales to tell of victory: Just an early morning Wow! in astronomy… And, yes, it was quite spectacular, Looming large above the tree That towers proud next the railway line: A curious border to define, Except for the fact […]

Life’s A Gas*

There’s a shortage of carbon dioxide:* The irony is not lost… Have we used it all up in fizzy drinks, Forgetting to count the cost? Are we breathing in but selfishly Forgetting to exhale? Should we cease aerobic exercise In order to turn tail? Should we plead with politicians To get straight down to Terms […]


In my head There’s a secret vault, Gathering place of idle thoughts… The things I shouldn’t dare declare All safely (I hope) arranged in there, My elected position to sit on the sidelines Watching random events unravel Disclosing in their wake a route for travail: The seeking of solutions Tantamount to revolution With talk of […]


If ever I was dehydrated, Science would be fascinated That my powdered disposition’s In a well-maintained position, Honestly only testament To caffeine. …What a sorry lament! Overlooking my behaviour Truly, what a saviour: No black market shady dealing, Beats hands down Earl Grey and Darjeeling! Though truth be told, I’ve reservations About the product’s preparations, […]


My nose is too short for my glasses. What an inelegant style farce that is! Ridiculously short of snout, It happens whenever I go out And, finding there are things to read, Reach for correction out of need: A budget pair of magnifiers To act as visual amplifiers. Scribbles, scrawls, upon the page Accrue for […]

Upstanding Advantage

We’re back in space. There’s no longer a race To waft about in this mystical place. More a sense of steadfastness Returning to the infinite vastness, A steady kind of confidence That comes sans subtext of self-defence. Or so They’d have us understand While things up there proceed as planned, The Awe and Wonder hard […]