The Social Psychology of Soccer*

It was the same old circus of silliness: Twenty-two sportsmen chasing one ball, Standing room only, Songs from the heart But, frankly, a bit too down-hill from the start… The singing was hearty (though couldn’t top the Welsh) The cheering and beering and endless GET IN!!!s… Paltry atonement for practical sins Of total and utter […]

Reasons To Be Jeerful*

You’re a **** when your drunk.ยน I’m telling you that for free. Not least because if you met yourself sober You’d think the same as me. The rowdy element of the football crowd That have to do everything loud and proud Really not so triumphant at all As ambassadors for football. Seventies Man is all […]

Sporting Sensitivities*

Is there any sense of personal growth To be gained through the ancient art of Sloth? A sin, in the order of godly actions Even in spite of a satisfaction Grown from the doing of nothing at all, Explicitly including the watching of football…* Inglorious, slothful passivity A quietly pleasurable activity: Time inclined to wishful […]

Soccer Start-Up*

Aaaaaaand YESSSSSSSS!!! It’s the start of the football season* But with it, an inevitable loss of all reason… -Just in case you haven’t heard… Not that it seems a little absurd To be crashing on with ‘winter pursuits, Pitches barely repairing their roots And fans confused by seasonal affairs Such as taking a holiday just […]

Round One*

I’m watching World Cup football, Rather getting the hang of it all… The pomp and the circumstance The songs and the revelry And as yet, nothing newsworthy enough to appal… But lingering in the background, a spectre of old: The stories of domestic abuse, not often these days told. Male passion for the Beautiful Game […]

World Cup Wisdom*

Welcome to the World Stage… The football has begun! -Whatever you may think of it, Wouldn’t it be great if we won?! Though contemporary etiquette Suggests it’s easy to forget Reputations won and lost At the hand of each successive boss: Names and numbers big on shirts And never mind how much it hurts, Each […]