Stage Craft*

Iyyy am an AC-tor! Can’t you tell By the sonorous resonance Of the stories I tell? Projecting my voice with so much to say But you’ll have to listen to me anyway… Well may you mutter, or whisper resentment But do, please, acknowledge the depth of my sentiment . All I ask is somebody to […]

Biking For Beginners*

To the cyclist in Hove, Small daughter riding pillion, The joy of her expression Was one in a million! I’m guessing you haven’t been able see The beaming smile of innocent glee, Hair wild in the wind as the streets rush past, Pink cycling helmet buckled down on fast, The sheer delight of your wheeled […]


My nose is too short for my glasses. What an inelegant style farce that is! Ridiculously short of snout, It happens whenever I go out And, finding there are things to read, Reach for correction out of need: A budget pair of magnifiers To act as visual amplifiers. Scribbles, scrawls, upon the page Accrue for […]