Sin Seven*

Is it reasonable to speculate there’s growth in sloth?* Taking the existential view That the doing of nothing is good for you, Enabling time to cogitate, Worry, mither, get things straight… Having lengthy conversations With oneself – though on such occasions Careful surveillance of others therepresent Who may think you crazy and start to resent […]

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation*

Aaah, The long summer holiday…. Six weeks of nothing to do each day -Which is not to say I won’t find my pace Once I’ve excavated the place… The geological layers of paper A very particular personal caper, Spread like autumn leaves in abundance, Mostly scribbled ideas by now redundant, Though, testifying in my own […]

Weekend Pending

Thursday… The weekend in waiting. A day of hope and speculating. A palpable sense of the downhill slope, A real possibility for respite and hope; For rest and relaxation Glued to a favourite TV station… Eyes glazed over, comestibles close -Anything you like from chocolate to toast, To take-away curry brought straight to the door […]


Mornings are getting darker… The reminder just couldn’t be starker That summer is fading (And so am I) There’s really no point in trying to deny A pathological need for sleep In order for my soul to keep A modicum of decency (I struggle at times- believe you me…!) Crawling back beneath my rock Not […]


Boredom. So dull it hasn’t a rhyme, This simple concept of empty time…. Supposedly having no place at work, And frankly, a state beginning to irk. The challenge, then, is how to create An image of engagement for peers to appreciate. And more than that, To bluff the management, So overworked that, in their own […]

Saturday Sluggard

I am in the slow lane. Again. A private metamorphosis (Unwittingly effortless) From a dynamo of sorts To a kind of human nought… A total loss of inclination, Glued to a radio station Listening to the idle chatter Of folk who think Their views might matter While I sit here multitasking Not absorbing anything. Text, […]