Cause Célèbre*

It’s my birthday. A peculiar affair, Almost as if there’s nobody there. Not that I have any great expectations It’s just an inevitable situation: As anyone born in August will know Tis the annual season to rise and go Anywhere the rain won’t vex -Don’t forget the sunscreen, hats and specs! Even if only as […]


What’s is a name? -Is it pride or shame? Is it your moniker That governs your fame? Or is your tagging The reason for lagging Behind in the workplace By implication of race? A curious question Of modern times, The stealth of selection A silent crime; Allegations quiet and clear Suggesting that might happen here- […]

The Phwoar War*

More money, less cry!¹ -Or so the wealthy would imply, Their right to an infinite annual salary Weirdly protected by lack of transparency, Underwritten by the BBC, Benefactors of the public license fee Stunningly obdurate in their view That male employees are far better value Than their females counterparts,, Mostly employed to show body parts… […]

Double Bind*

Is sexism what it used to be? A curious question, it seems to me, Not least for the silence of assumption That regular gender-related presumption (Especially where women and girls are concerned) Is still quietly propagated, passively learned. So…whose fault is this? Who can we blame For slight, remarks, offence and shame? What do we […]


Have we lost the thread in the modesty debate, That lack of exposure should somehow cause hate? To cover the female form, it seems, Is the kind of behaviour regarded extreme While in a parallel universe To stay fully clad is deemed perverse, The route of this aggravated demand A bitter line drawn in the […]

Media Studies

  Dear BBC, In the light of your well -reputed coverage I can’t help but notice the greater-than-average Pictorial placement of Men In The News,* This daily scenario set to confuse, Bamboozle even, the girls and the women Who also hold valid political opinion But somehow seem less worthy of place: Call me a Feminist […]

A Fine Balance*

Boys And men Fill the headlines again, Their doing of deeds All we hear of and read From terrorism to heroism, Unspoken truth to aphorism, From breathing in oxygen To kicking a ball To reaching the summit, The men do it all With trumpets and fanfares and TV crews, Leaving the women with little to […]