Personal Space*

It seems to me That a hand on the knee, However modestly placed, If there without clear invitation Is frankly in plain bad taste. Although, to be fair, I wasn’t actually there: The problem in turn, speculation… That’s raised a fair few eyebrows, I’m sure, With its tone of expectation- Which brings the whole historical […]


Old man. Fancy car. Driving style a little bizarre…¹ Given the clear cost of your wheels (Personally, I just don’t get the appeal- Is this perhaps a conscious selection To perk up your gradually failing erection? -The only way to shore up your manhood?) Things must be tough in your neighbourhood, Your desperate desire to […]

Double Bind*

Is sexism what it used to be? A curious question, it seems to me, Not least for the silence of assumption That regular gender-related presumption (Especially where women and girls are concerned) Is still quietly propagated, passively learned. So…whose fault is this? Who can we blame For slight, remarks, offence and shame? What do we […]

Existential Crisis*

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Forgive our human ways:¹ We could stand on the doorstep and argue our case For a month of Sabbath days… The people heading your English church Are leaving some of us in the lurch, Citing your Word as a justification For the self-righteous eradication Of a simple, human right […]

A Fine Balance*

Boys And men Fill the headlines again, Their doing of deeds All we hear of and read From terrorism to heroism, Unspoken truth to aphorism, From breathing in oxygen To kicking a ball To reaching the summit, The men do it all With trumpets and fanfares and TV crews, Leaving the women with little to […]

Blood Money*

Nobody these days talks of PMT… Maybe it’s an age thing, or maybe it’s me? Or maybe (bear with me) it’s simply a topic That’s no way enhanced By conversing in public..? That women of all ages and stages endure This costly, undignified, monthly reminder Seems cruel, unwarranted, to me But then, maybe that’s the […]