Who Do You Think You Are?*

If children are at the stage of trying on identity, Where does that leave the dinosaurs? -The ordinary folk like you and me, Who’ve grown up unquestioningly sure…? Who’ve grown up soundly in our own skin, Not so much a whisper of ‘Out’ or ‘In’, With confidence and parental endorsement -None of that publicised ‘inner […]

Old Man Donald*

Dear Mr Trump,* I wonder if you know you seem like a chump..? For all your gesturing rhetoric, As a politician, you seem, well, Prehistoric… Perhaps because the front-line media Are wanting the facts to seem a bit seedier- Wanting the world to raise its eyebrow And ask out loud, ‘Lord, tell us how With […]

Skin Deep*

Looking somewhere between bizarre and fantastic, The famous faces now filled with plastic Step out confidently into the spotlight With an air suggesting they’re doing it right: Every single hair in place No hint of lines upon each face, Foreheads somewhat immobilised, As much as the skin around the eyes. Triangular mounds of implanted filler […]

Freedom of Information*

It’s a well-known but little-acknowledged fact That technology can steadily do you harm, The business of manual communication Too readily disarmed… The humble pencil (bless its heart) No longer an essential part Of every child’s ABC, The luxury of technology Now commonplace and superseding Basic skills, and so impeding Fallback capabilities That have no need […]

Dietary Dilettantism*

‘Children are getting fatter…’ Yes, I can see this matters, Though the focus of culpability Is not much under scrutiny, Newsreels headlining ‘obesity’¹ Arguably missing the mark, you see- That acquisition of eating habits Is rooted in the lives we inhabit, Attitudes and eating behaviours Passively modelled by adult saviours: Parents and carers in the […]

Poetry? Please…!*

I should not call myself a poet Not because I do not know it, Rather that talk of ‘Poetry’ Seems way more pretentious Than I’d choose to be. I grew up with the verse of hymns (Fabulous tunes, some lines a bit grim But no matter how absurd, They planted a sense of play with words) […]


The wonders of mud and tiny creatures Are two of Nature’s most compelling features, The sea (for me) a close-run third; A ranking perhaps a little absurd Given comparative magnitude. It’s not my intention to be rude But more, perhaps, a simple scale Of preference in my nature trail.1 A child of the last generation […]