Seaside Solitaire*

Solitary confinement Is as broad as it’s long… A window of opportunity for raucous song Depending on how much you value your neighbours And whether or not they’re out tending their acres… Or playing their music loud as they please With little regard for the absence of trees And the simple physics of travelling sound […]

Avis Non Grata*

The seagulls used to serenade From rooftops every morning, Calling and chuckling Just as the day was dawning: The collective noise of chattering beaks The start to every day of the week As though they’d much to share with their mates, Even those who turned up late Calling anxiously to check in Before their flock […]

Summer in the City*

A model of the pier A stick of Brighton rock A bargain from Primark A genuine linen frock… Chips on the seafront While seagulls parade -Don’t look now: Be very afraid… Those beady eyes and polished beaks Surveying the humans, those sideshow freaks Walking along like Kings of the Prom Without so much as a […]

League Division *

Every since I was a young girl I watched lads chase the ball From playground to park to stadium and even the church hall(!)¹ My father tried to interest me, my brother having failed To raise his enthusiasm for this game of Alpha Males. (That said, he followed suit with a love of ballroom dancing, […]

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Wild is the wind, In no mood to rescind… Its blustering oration Arousing consternation. The chattering of the wheelie bins in corporate anxiety Instantly undoing all that neighbourly piety, Not so steady in the gust, Their tumbling down an inevitable must: Unready arrhythmia of plastic onto concrete, Seagulls blustering overhead, Their eagerness indiscreet… Their plumage […]

My Home Town

When I wake up in the morning, Lord,¹ With the seagulls in my ears, I’m daily reminded of why I love living here: A short walk from the seafront, The very edge of a nation- A curious geographical fact And theme of constant contemplation! I love the sound of these handsome birds Gathering to start […]

Dawn Chorus

The sound of the seagulls is special to me, A daily reminder I live near the sea (A location of circumstance over selection, After struggling to leave on several occasions Eventually conceding it wasn’t to be For nobody anywhere else would employ me! A curious fate, not one to reflect But relevant here in the […]