Life’s A Gas*

There’s a shortage of carbon dioxide:* The irony is not lost… Have we used it all up in fizzy drinks, Forgetting to count the cost? Are we breathing in but selfishly Forgetting to exhale? Should we cease aerobic exercise In order to turn tail? Should we plead with politicians To get straight down to Terms […]


Planet Earth is getting restless with her tenants. Their behaviour by degree increasingly repellent, From casual misuse to abject abuse And only now making headline news As humans, the arbiters of this decline, Awake to find they’re the next in line: Ecologists’ gently persistent voices Arbiters of now well-publcised choices To plough green spaces into […]

Waning Lyrical*

Records of the mnemonic plague Are largely disordered, even vague: An army of acronyms Whose chance of use remainèd slim, This unmarked period of history Not so much shrouded in mystery As totally overshadowed By episodes far more impacting and hallowed… To which, the Grand Ol’ Duke of York, Of whom such epic rhyming talk […]

Upstanding Advantage

We’re back in space. There’s no longer a race To waft about in this mystical place. More a sense of steadfastness Returning to the infinite vastness, A steady kind of confidence That comes sans subtext of self-defence. Or so They’d have us understand While things up there proceed as planned, The Awe and Wonder hard […]