Learning’s Where The Heart Is*

It must take some guts to think ‘home education’ Is better than the State’s own operation -Which is not for a moment to collude with ideas That reductionism will shrink and make disappear The gaps in learning one might choose to omit Just because of the test of it… Just because a child ‘can’t cope’- […]

White Friday*

‘Whatever’s fallen from the sky is likely to freeze’… So the TV weather forecaster glibly foresees, Prompting an image of stop-framed chaos Combined with notions of Profit and Loss As retail outlets anticipate poor trade On account of weather forecasters’ tirades. Most, it should be said, while reflecting the risks Non-verbally intoning a forthright ‘Tsk!’ […]

Manual Versus Machine*

Computer and game manufacturers have us all over a barrel Feeling obliged to get on board with all the most recent apparel… Adults worn down in their thousands by their offsprings’ demands, Made in response to TV ads and peer reprimands That what they’ve got isn’t good enough It’s too old-fashioned, too old, too slow, […]

Every Child Matters*

What does is mean to be special?ยน A warm sense of positive self Or the kid in the class that can’t keep up On acount of a context that has him stuck With a reputation chained to his being, This the first thing that everyone’s seeing Proud-as-you-like on documentation: Is that really authentic Inclusive Education? […]

Descartes for the Disinclined*

Peer pressure. Pressure from peers? Or pressure from more insideous sources Indirectly calling on financial resources To pay for physical characteristics To be remodelled to look ‘fantastic’, A construct too much in the media’s court, Suggesting all manner of overt self-harm Without so much of a sense of alarm As a reflex response to ‘current […]

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation*

Aaah, The long summer holiday…. Six weeks of nothing to do each day -Which is not to say I won’t find my pace Once I’ve excavated the place… The geological layers of paper A very particular personal caper, Spread like autumn leaves in abundance, Mostly scribbled ideas by now redundant, Though, testifying in my own […]

Think Ink*

Teachers with tattoos. A visible state of affairs to bemuse Not because I’m a Puritan, Anymore than I’m arguably old by comparison: It’s more a moral question of sorts About private lives and public thoughts… Standing as a role model by dint of profession, Is ink-on-skin a display of unspoken confession? However bold and beautiful, […]