The 3 Rs *

Parents, Teach your children to know their boundaries, To distinguish the their wrongs from their rights And, knowing they are loved unconditionally, To judge when to run and when, fight. The business of childhood learning Is more complex than ever before, The relentless spread of the mobile phone Both commended and abhorred, This portable technology […]

Freedom of Information*

It’s a well-known but little-acknowledged fact That technology can steadily do you harm, The business of manual communication Too readily disarmed… The humble pencil (bless its heart) No longer an essential part Of every child’s ABC, The luxury of technology Now commonplace and superseding Basic skills, and so impeding Fallback capabilities That have no need […]

British Summer Time*

The sun has got its hat on: Rare cause for celebration!! The simultaneous signal To disrobe across the nation… The clouds now in abeyance But who knows for how long, It’s time to get near-naked, Join the sun-worshippers’ throng. Is this what other nations mean By British ‘eccentricity’? -The stripping off at the drop of […]


A hundred pairs of Pound Shop specs,¹ Each specifically purchased with a purpose to correct The lengthening of sight that comes with age, Though in truth, there’s little talk of this stage: The sorry business of wrinkling skin The Problem in Common… So, where to begin As eyelids stretch and eyeballs strain And minds resist […]

Mental Wealth*

Much recent talk on mental health Would seem to be skewed by the presence of wealth, The young, the rich and famous, Who may not remain nameless, Speaking out on how it feels When your world has lost appeal. Something quite incongruous To the ordinary rest of us Labouring under contemporary illusion That money somehow […]

Future Perfect

When I am old, I will wear Primark…* An observation barely worthy of remark Except to say I notice more How older women seem self-assured In anything they choose to wear, The various ways they do their hair- A far cry from the modernist stance That gave us fabulous frock-romance; The Dior ‘New Look’, so […]