Disunited States

America, America, We’ve been down this road before: Me and my country-folk looking on with awe At the hearts-on-sleeves emotion That rises from your crowds, As though if it ain’t hollered It means you just ain’t proud; The Star-Spangled Banner aloft across the land A symbol of identity we’re supposed to understand. So, what then […]

A Fine Balance*

Boys And men Fill the headlines again, Their doing of deeds All we hear of and read From terrorism to heroism, Unspoken truth to aphorism, From breathing in oxygen To kicking a ball To reaching the summit, The men do it all With trumpets and fanfares and TV crews, Leaving the women with little to […]

Domestic Science

Mothers, Teach your boy-children To hoover in the corners The consequences otherwise Are hideous, I warn you. While radiant cleanliness Is worked around the centre A glorious halo will begin to emerge At the threshold where visitors enter, An every-greying border spreading out towards the skirting Which over time, undoubtedly, becomes rather diverting, While women-folk, […]


Thursday’s child has far to go. I wonder if they’ll ever know Had they been born on a different day, Things may not quite’ve turned out that way? Thursday’s adult, on the other hand, Possibly has something different planned, Knowing Friday’s peers are gathering strength And stretching to quite extraordinary lengths, Laying down a firm […]

Silent Partners

There are many rivers to cross And ranges of mountains to climb But the rock of the moment resting unturned Is, ‘When did bullying ever change minds?’ The who-will-be-first, the pickers-of-teams, Those who held power in our childish dreams; Playground spats and pushing in lines That somehow sadly came to define The roles we thought […]