Vacation, Vacation, Vacation*

Aaah, The long summer holiday…. Six weeks of nothing to do each day -Which is not to say I won’t find my pace Once I’ve excavated the place… The geological layers of paper A very particular personal caper, Spread like autumn leaves in abundance, Mostly scribbled ideas by now redundant, Though, testifying in my own […]

Seventh Day Sloth

Sunday. The final weekend fun-day. The Warrior Protector from inevitable Mondays. Unless of course, you’re working shifts And have occasional cause to miss This bookending benefit of weekly employment Gifting a space for self-entertainment. Limitless prospects presenting the case For how best to occupy time and space Invoking infinite possibilities For the shirking of responsibilities: […]

Recline And Stall

I’ve got Sloth. Sluggish, idle sloth. I like to pretend It’s a time for personal growth But who would I be trying to kid As further down the abyss I slid…? No-one’s going to rescue me From televisual tyranny Though those around may castigate Because they simply can’t relate To tiredness, exhaustion, Beyond all proportion, […]