Home Is Where The Hound Is*

Me and my cat are like Batman and Robin (Without masks, tunic or tights… I pondered that for a moment And decided it wouldn’t be right). We share the same habits of slumber and sloth (A mutually unspoken immutable oath To sit side by side on a comfortable seat: Sleep-watch telly-snooze-repeat (Me with the added […]

Material Match*

What if… In this engineered culture of ersatz contests We gave comparison a rest?* The My-Dad’s- Better-Than-Your-Dad thing Not the best way to establish success, Anymore, it would seem, that solid A-Grades, This twenty-first centure accolade Much more revered by governors and staff Than anxious kids in need of a laugh; Than parents who simply […]


The violation of childhood Is transgretion beyond forgiveness Irrespective of clerical attempts To sooth the lava of this bubbling mess; A holy order of vile transgression Taking children as possession, Building in turn a fearsome chapter, Jaws with the strength of Satan’s raptor, Those who have known the truths of experience Living a private Hell […]

Road Diggers*

‘s Sunday morning. We got road diggers. Bustin’ the pavement with pneumatic triggers… A rumbling from childhood, strangely evocative (Though doubtless, for a Sunday, a little provocative?) The thundering power of Men At Work a testament to urgency: In economic terms, plain proof of an emergency. Potential for catastrophe not insignificant, The humblest of sparks […]

Think Ink*

Teachers with tattoos. A visible state of affairs to bemuse Not because I’m a Puritan, Anymore than I’m arguably old by comparison: It’s more a moral question of sorts About private lives and public thoughts… Standing as a role model by dint of profession, Is ink-on-skin a display of unspoken confession? However bold and beautiful, […]

Constitutional Wrong? *

Bang-bang! Pop-pop! You’re dead-I’m not… But I watched what you did On the television news, Your story yet another To sadden and bemuse. Spraying headlines like bullets Across the western world, The Star Spangled Banner There limply unfurled. The Right To Bear Arms Doing little but harm, Empowering the weak And shredding the calm. Feeding […]

Techno Trials*

Switch off your technology At least an hour before bed….?* What on earth do childrenĀ  do these days To occupy their heads..?! Imagine the chaos of restless fingers Along with the kind of resentment that lingers, The desperate sense of instant aloneness; The unfamiliarity of ‘creative’ mess, With cutting and sticking and making and building; […]