Road Diggers*

‘s Sunday morning. We got road diggers. Bustin’ the pavement with pneumatic triggers… A rumbling from childhood, strangely evocative (Though doubtless, for a Sunday, a little provocative?) The thundering power of Men At Work a testament to urgency: In economic terms, plain proof of an emergency. Potential for catastrophe not insignificant, The humblest of sparks […]


Sometimes I just want to be a b*st**d!! Say my piece and come down hard On petty minded isolates (Small-P political delegates) And anyone with a point of view That even an earthworm would eschew, Peaceful and diligent as s/he is 1 In getting about her daily business, Offering a further metaphor For processing all we may […]


Planet Earth is getting restless with her tenants. Their behaviour by degree increasingly repellent, From casual misuse to abject abuse And only now making headline news As humans, the arbiters of this decline, Awake to find they’re the next in line: Ecologists’ gently persistent voices Arbiters of now well-publcised choices To plough green spaces into […]


In these times of adversity. The gifts of diversity Will doubtless pass unnoticed In the face of silent protest, Actions speaking louder than words Delivered with dignity, Demanding to be heard. Prevailing sense of difference Dissolved as a defence As people from all corners Come together as mourners: To rationalise, to pray To exorcise their […]


Angels with dirty faces Offer insights into disgraces, Actions and words the gestalt of affairs Reflecting the infinite ways they care Angels in plain attire Are equally likely to inspire Not with public acts of fashion But rather through spontaneous compassion Angels in uniform While required visually to conform Nonetheless may think alone Enacting humanity […]

US After Party*

Is it my business to feel incensed At the US decision with world consequence? Do I have the right to express my unease At a man who seems focussed only to please Those who follow in his wake And seemingly would not hesitate To sell his mother (though not his wife) In order to simply […]