Seven Days*

God bless the Seven Day NHS-Though it’s hard to notice the difference…All departments busy at workWith no hint of staff resistance.Diligence and efficiencyMaintained with gentle courtesy:The wheeling of folks unable to walk;The listening extended to those who talk;The listening extended to those who rantBecause they can and and because they can’tAnd because they really have […]

Soccer Start-Up*

Aaaaaaand YESSSSSSSS!!! It’s the start of the football season* But with it, an inevitable loss of all reason… -Just in case you haven’t heard… Not that it seems a little absurd To be crashing on with ‘winter pursuits, Pitches barely repairing their roots And fans confused by seasonal affairs Such as taking a holiday just […]

Round One*

I’m watching World Cup football, Rather getting the hang of it all… The pomp and the circumstance The songs and the revelry And as yet, nothing newsworthy enough to appal… But lingering in the background, a spectre of old: The stories of domestic abuse, not often these days told. Male passion for the Beautiful Game […]

Neighbourhood Relations*

Neighbours. Don’t we all deserve good neighbours..? Folk on whose grace we might prevail When things at home incline to ail; Perhaps if we are accident-prone, Can’t find the damned charger for the mobile phone, Or need a favour- or even a fiver Or at a push, a taxi driver. A cup of milk, Some […]

Stuff It!*

How much does it really matter That the nation’s children are getting fatter?* -Who do you think should take the rap If their diet’s total cr*p..? Is this soley the fault of advertising agencies Actively promoting corpulant indulgences In the name of profit as the consequence of greed (Health warnings on the packaging just far […]


Sometimes I just want to be a b*st**d!! Say my piece and come down hard On petty minded isolates (Small-P political delegates) And anyone with a point of view That even an earthworm would eschew, Peaceful and diligent as s/he is 1 In getting about her daily business, Offering a further metaphor For processing all we may […]

Line of Duty*

Every country needs traditions Whatever its political or social condition Rooted in histories of war and peace, A peculiar theatre of historical decrees, The stream of pristine uniforms A symbol of all that here conforms In the name of tradition, an erudition Passed across the centuries, A ritual sense of unity, With seamless choreography: This […]