Blue Monday…*

Monday makes the week go round -Without much creative endeavour, I’ve found… News stories telling the same ol’ tales Depicting the ways that humans fail And saving just one small moment of joy -An irritatingly regular ploy As though this single-cell postivity Eclipses political proclivity, The moaning, groaning, monotoning A flimsy disguise for the human […]


Is the single reason that the world keeps turning The human capacity for avoidance of learning? -Lessons of every nature and scale Daily apparent to no avail, The human proclivity for safety in habit A very particular, sturdy facet Of blind-sighted self-determination For everything in its place To avoid temptation… Irony, perhaps, the heart of […]

The Spring Thing

If I ruled the world* I have a notion I would soon tire of spring, With its annual focus On the ‘New Beginnings’ thing, Awash with renewal Fresh starts at every turn As though as human beings We never really learn…   * with apologies to Tony Bennett  

Saturday Sporting Saga

Television prime time? His choice, never mine. Though I’ve learned to tolerate The very thing I used to hate. Angered at the over-ruling Of Saturday’s terrestrial TV scheduling I’ve silently absorbed the games And even some more-famous names, The strategies, the ways to foul, Tantrums, throwing in the towel. Sign language and lip reading Help […]

Assimilation Breeds Contempt

Applications Applications Applications I am lost in applications:* A woe of core purpose Wearied by predications. How whimsical to think That my years on this isle Would somehow furnish a CV With features to beguile, The crafting of those paragraphs A critical endeavour To spin a tale of skills accrued Through solid years of labour. […]


I’m beginning to understand how a hamster must feel, Placed in a cage equipped with a wheel: Plentiful food (if seeds are your thing) But spending all day circumnavigating..? Round and round and round and round Accompanied by that squeaking sound, A source of frustration to any ears That a drop of oil would disappear, […]