Blood is thicker than water, Implying from Day One The coulda-shoulda-oughta-* Kinda undertakings implied by genetics That, over time, hone to family polemics Passed unquestioning across generations, The unnoticed ceding of trophy vexations Urging their way to a marketable brand With nobody pausing to try and understand Just exactly how these have grown, Passively, silently, […]

Teamwork *

So close- And yet, sooo far… A situation quite bizarre The inching of the summer term Like a weary, half-anaesthetised earthworm, The rise and fall of its linear form a curiously modest endeavour: Unpleasant to touch and doesn’t do much And is not, apparently, clever…. -Not that you’d really be able to see Without protracted […]


My mother always cared for me With love, strength and dignity From first moments of infancy Til well into my adulthood, Shielding me from the painful Celebrating with the good. Always there when called upon To pick me up and dust me down, Unwritten in her undertaking The stepping back, the mending, making, Knowing when […]

Left-Field Lady*

Dear Julie Christy, Standing to the left of me, Steppin’ and a-clappin’ Between the banter and the chattin’. I sometimes wonder just how far We’ve actually walked- It’s quite bizarre, This journey that we weekly share Without ever actually going anywhere! (-Amazing, though, the calorie-burning In between the musical learning: Walking for miles on a […]

Cat Unconditional*

Cat hair Gets everywhere:¹ Less on the table, More on the chair, Some on the settee Spread lovingly next to me, Some in the hallway, Wafting its way On the gentle draft That blows a path From cat-flap to carpet To open hearth… A particular way To welcome me home, Not that she ever truly […]

Love Me/ Love Me Not*

Saint Valentine, a complex soul, Would seem to have so many roles While he, declining recognition, Went about his private mission Loving couples to protect And forging something of a sect… He wedded pairs successfully In the face of great hostility Pledging love til death to part So saving many broken hearts. Between these matches, […]