If God in all His many forms Shares advocacy of relational norms Where one person chooses to join with another In faith with love, Together to discover A life of mutual authenticity, To walk side by side on an unplanned journey With hope, inspiration and mutual care, Why, then, do some folk still stand and […]

It’s A Man’s World…*

Man makes my hair grey… He’s so easy to read, Pathologically wired To whine and disagree. His rainbow’s monochrome, His chest of treasure, tin, Rusting at the corners: His self-concept locked therein. It must be strange to only see The stuff that isn’t there, Completely overlooking all the basic daily care. The stuff that doesn’t […]


What is it about carrying a weapon That makes a boy a man? Those of us who preceed him Would dearly love to understand. Does he ever stop for a minute To think what his future holds: The guilt and the torment That will haunt him as he grows old? All for a moment of […]

Pecking Order*

There’s a part of me kept silent That really wants you to know How much I feel you malign me With a mind that it shouldn’t show. As though we are somehow in competition For superiority of position. Except that, frankly, I don’t give a hoot: I’m too long in the tooth to put in […]


Life. Love. Learning. Laughter. Things to remember In the happy-ever-after. First steps, first calls, First stumble, first falls, First Going-Out nights, First fights and made-rights. Each governed with love and determination To learn for the better from a tough situation. A legacy crafted by patient degree, By parents setting their offspring free To find their […]

Feline Separation Anxiety*

Man granted rights to Skype the cat… I see nothing strange about that. Human relationship demise Really, these days, no big surprise. As sad as it seems inevitable, Folk learn they are not so compatible, And try as they might, the inevitable fight To find a suitably mutual solution Is a complex process of (d)evolution, […]


She’s tired by the way he speaks to her Like a stranger much more than a friend: The giving of seamless instructions Something on which she can daily depend. Ironic, really, if he’d give it some thought, How he rails against notes of any sort, As though these somehow impinge his freedom -He finds every […]