Dear Mrs May, As we stand before ‘Independence Day’ Is there not an unmarked sense of haste In the rather-uncomfortably-rapid pace Of England’s much-vaunted Brexitation, Riven with weakening expectation Hanging like old paper-chains Across the unexamined ‘Remains’ Of an unconvincing voting process With Yays and Nays showing little to impress A clear sense of dominant […]

Climate Change*

After the sun comes the rain, A fact of nature that has us complain. A powerful allegory in its way To illustrate transient dismay. Humans being how they are Can, on face value, seem bizarre- One moment roaring with anger, regret, The next, a change, as though we forget All too quickly how the tides […]

EU No More?

The Hokey-Cokey’s over. At least, for the time being. Divide and Rule, Divide and Fall: There’s little we agree on. A sense that what has happened here Inevitably awakens fear- A notion of uncertainty The voice of just under half a country. To those who made the effort To go and mark their X At […]

A Day of Reckoning

‘Tis the day of national election: Responsibility to make the selection Of a named political representative With the power to make or break how we live. Sparing superfluous history lessons (And those inevitable front-page confessions) What happens in the vote today Will likely either relieve or dismay. The things is, then, who’ll take the blame? […]

Voting For Beginners

X marks the spot. Whether we like it or not. A simple mark of participation To decide a future for this nation. X marks the choice. A private political voice. Hard-won for the women, Though not so much for the boys… X marks the plebiscite An inalienable political rite. A single act of representation Overwrought with expectation. […]