T Will Survive!*

At first, she was stalwart, took the Leavers’ side Kept thinking she and hers could live sans Europe by their side She spent so many words trying hard to persuade Tory politicians Along with various aids. And now she’d vexed, like Humpty Dumpty Faltering at the helm like some nautical numpty She should have listened […]

Track & Field*

I’m feeling slightly overwrought By serial footage of competitive sport… As if the football season Was not sufficient reason For sitting on the sofa, glued to the screen Wondering what might happen And then, what might’ve been; Not really understanding the draw, Much less, the business of keeping score Until I caught crossed paths with […]

League Division *

Every since I was a young girl I watched lads chase the ball From playground to park to stadium and even the church hall(!)¹ My father tried to interest me, my brother having failed To raise his enthusiasm for this game of Alpha Males. (That said, he followed suit with a love of ballroom dancing, […]

Match Day*

Mothers, don’t let your babies Grow up to be cowboys,* Whatever incarnation that entails. From guys riding rough-shod on ranges To the Suits doing door-to-door sales. Don’t let them grow up to be idle, either- The kind with Opinions That sit, drink and mither… With political vows They proudly espouse With voices triumphant, A little […]

Damp Squib…

Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November Gunpowder, Treason And Plot! The setting of fire to anything Is possibly best forgot… Recalling Sixties safety adds, Their message vivid learning, With images of kids and pets All victims of burning. I never quite transcended This poignant, scarring presage, Leaving me with cowardice Emblazoned as a message. So, […]

For Sophie (Pride Brighton/2015)

If David and Goliath Were Davina and Gwyneth What kind of story Might have beginneth? How many tales can you recall Where women and girls Get to have it all…?- Where female people truly reveal Uncompromising leadership appeal, The kind of things in fairy tales Unquestionably attributed to the males? Don’t get me wrong, guys, […]