Face It*

Too many hight profile women on TV Are turning their wealth to surgery,* The worst of it being that they cannot see Just how odd their plasticity Appears from sofas countrywide, As though they’ve far too much to hide: Not least the confidence viewers revered That’s plainly somehow disappeared. This newly crafted carapace That shines […]

Folklore Fiasco*

Adam had an apple 1 And so did William Tell:2 You can probably guess already Which story ended well, The Biblical stalwart, a curious model For all that could happen for good or for ill, Scrumping the fruit and then in regret, Giving it to the only woman he had ever met. Will by contrast a […]

Modern History

To film or just to intervene? To capture or to interrupt some potential historical scene? To risk your reputation in a tricky situation Simply for the ignominy Of being broadcast on TV In one of those hideous ‘real-life’ documentaries To be passed unedited down through the centuries. Unedited records so transparent As to leave a […]

Freedom of Information

Give a child a piece of string: They’ll use it to secure things. Though adults know a piece of rope Disturbingly increases scope. Give a child a blacklead pencil: They’ll quickly learn the simple thrill Of making marks upon a page, Expressing joy as much as rage. Give a child a paperclip: Encourage administrative stewardship. […]

Baby Talk*

New Mum, It really isn’t my place To propagate feelings of disgrace, But witnessing so much repetition I find myself in a vexed position, Seeing how you walk alone Talking on your mobile phone, Infant eagerly skyward gazing, Wistfully anticipating. Watching, Waiting… Nothing yet affirmed in mind So seizing anything they find To solve a […]

Discourse Analysis

I watch way too much TV. I know myself: no need to tell me- Though in truth, I don’t take in Very much, if anything, Often otherwise engaged Scribbling something on a page Or scrolling down the internet feed At a totally unfeasible speed, Checking out what life is there -Not that I could really […]