Brexit Bru-Ha-Ha*

Brexiteers ‘ve got the bit between their ears… Panic buying Panic selling Panic wailing Panic yelling Panic, though, no useful contribution To finding some sense of a shared solution. Whether we Leave or whether Remain, There will inevitably be change For such is the nature of human endeavour: Nothing stays the same for ever. So […]

Don’t Cry For Me, I’m Your Leader*

It won’t be easy, you’ll think me deranged When I try to explain my appeal… That I still need your votes after all that I’ve done. You won’t believe me. All you will see is a suit you once knew (Just one… it was blue And yes, I wore it all the time: Teamed with […]

Political Hot Air*

Theresa May On a blustery day At the mercy of political rhetoric …Don’t get me wrong, I’m not singing her song, -And she clearly ain’t got no circus tricks, Anymore than a bejewelled magic wand Or vaguely inglorious high kicks…ยน For all the turmoil across public domains Is it plainly the case that once again […]


When I was a kid, A backstop was all about rounders and cricket. I never really mastered sport but this seems about the ticket… The one solitary character standing in defence Oft insufficient recompense Waiting to literally stop the ball And shout some random triumphant call In order to proclaim the lead: A solo endeavour […]

Blame & Shame*

DIffusion of responsibility Is no way to pass the buck Anymore than the attribution of blame Is a simple matter of bad luck. That said, evidence, while generally clear, Is easy to obscure Whether bending the truth or rewriting it Or by talking a load of manure… The thing about trying to hide from the […]

Ghost Ships*

How is it such a mighty slip Of visible incompetence Can offer any rational defence? And how come -AGAIN- This work of men Bobs light in the waters of potential demise? No big surprise… Us ordinary folk devoid of skill To anticipate the gift of a devious will; While folk-tale villains enact their deeds And […]

Transmission Learning*

Let’s talk about training days. With their entrenched ways. Of presuming majority interests Without much space for interactive redress. The Doing of Things Perceived Essential Making no effort to unleash potential: More, rejoicing in entrenched ideas …Almost as though Big Bosses fear That thinking out loud in a crowded room Will plainly result in disruption […]