Don’t Cry For Me, I’m Your Leader*

It won’t be easy, you’ll think me deranged When I try to explain my appeal… That I still need your votes after all that I’ve done. You won’t believe me. All you will see is a suit you once knew (Just one… it was blue And yes, I wore it all the time: Teamed with […]

Political Hot Air*

Theresa May On a blustery day At the mercy of political rhetoric …Don’t get me wrong, I’m not singing her song, -And she clearly ain’t got no circus tricks, Anymore than a bejewelled magic wand Or vaguely inglorious high kicks…ยน For all the turmoil across public domains Is it plainly the case that once again […]


When I was a kid, A backstop was all about rounders and cricket. I never really mastered sport but this seems about the ticket… The one solitary character standing in defence Oft insufficient recompense Waiting to literally stop the ball And shout some random triumphant call In order to proclaim the lead: A solo endeavour […]

Transmission Learning*

Let’s talk about training days. With their entrenched ways. Of presuming majority interests Without much space for interactive redress. The Doing of Things Perceived Essential Making no effort to unleash potential: More, rejoicing in entrenched ideas …Almost as though Big Bosses fear That thinking out loud in a crowded room Will plainly result in disruption […]

Can It *

Can a body live – survive- on tinned food? Consumption in the long term (without being rude) Raising the issue of chemical imbalance While buying into the song and dance Of Brexit and all its impending devices That (no cigar and no surprises) Yes, we may be driven to return to the land. To grow […]

Every Decreasing Circles*

Politics is for the Voters As much as the gloaters, Though, those who did nowt About the ol’ In or Out Really have no grounds to whinge at all, As they witness the nation’s potential Fall. Scenes unfolding of rowdy inglory; The nation awaiting the fate of a Tory. The broader picture marginally more complex, […]


If women took to the streets to protest,Sporting balaclavas and yellow vests,Journalists (by default, likely male)Would doubtless spin some amazing taleAbout fluorescent lemon being this season’s hue-accompanied by jibes about enhancing the view…Not all, but some- with constructed authority:Enough to impinge on assembled sorority.Not that women with purpose are likely to care.We also serve by […]