Career Politicians*

Is it meOr are politicians getting younger?The smell of their career-driven hungerMuddled with Crimplene to diminish their youthAs though such a mantle disguises the truthThat actual life experience accruedWouldn’t take that long to review…From school to university,Bamboozled by diversityAnd wanting first to take a standEmpowering their fellow man.A noble sentiment indeed,Determination to succeedSomehow lacking credibilityOn […]

Blue Monday…*

Monday makes the week go round -Without much creative endeavour, I’ve found… News stories telling the same ol’ tales Depicting the ways that humans fail And saving just one small moment of joy -An irritatingly regular ploy As though this single-cell postivity Eclipses political proclivity, The moaning, groaning, monotoning A flimsy disguise for the human […]

See The Eagle And The Damage Done*

We heard you knockin’ On the White House door, We think you’re crazy But we can’t be sure… Ooh, ooh, the things to come… You hit the city And you played your hand We watched New Yorkers Try to take a stand But other Nationals, They had other plans… I’d sing the song If I could […]

Margins of Magnitude (7:00am)

Rug-rats versus weasel: Which the lesser of two evils? It’s ‘too close to call’ We’re climbing the walls. Politics is dangerous game And not for the faint hearted, Blurred vision and myopia, Inflictions gamefully imparted: The power of words completely absurd in selectivity of meaning, Incumbent debate invariable inflaming wounds that needed healing. The hopes […]


The campaign for Tory leadership* Had all the political finesse Of a sandcastle building competition Running from Bognor to Skegness. I don’t mean any disrespect To fellow sea-siders It’s just that down in Brighton It’s pebbles from ear to ear… Thankfully, The contest didn’t transpire To handbags at dawn (Though in truth, by contrast, ‘Twas […]

EU No More?

The Hokey-Cokey’s over. At least, for the time being. Divide and Rule, Divide and Fall: There’s little we agree on. A sense that what has happened here Inevitably awakens fear- A notion of uncertainty The voice of just under half a country. To those who made the effort To go and mark their X At […]

Trumped Up

Politics only really sticks When key characters espouse polemics. Talking rational common sense Can lack a certain sentiment While talking rubbish, spitting bile, Is pretty guaranteed to rile. Humans, by their nature fickle, Would really rather slap than tickle In order to communicate The challenges upon their plate And, thereafter, sore provoke The vulnerabilities of […]